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..that the solution to inequality, pain, suffering, and lack in the world is ‘those that have’ sharing willingly from the heart with ‘those that have not’ who are sick and/or needy.

Warm clothing and bedding for babies, quilts for the aged or ill, books for the disadvantaged, essentials and household goods for those who have lost everything in floods, house fires, or due to job loss; these are just some of the need we assist with. You can help.


Crochet Ideas – working on fundraisers and donations


This is a super idea to handle all the left over skeins and bits of yarn from leftover projects and when you find bags of the nicest yarn remnants at garage sales or flea markets.  Children ( and adults) love the scrappy afghans. We also use them for fundraisers to get the batting and fabric needed for the twin size quilts we are making for the hospital beds.

Turning scraps into fun afghans.

Turning scraps into fun afghans.

The pattern is quick and easy.  Chain a row the size of the afghan you want to make.

  • Crib: 45 by 60 inches
  • Twin: 66 by 90 inches – the twin size quilts we are making are approx 70 to 75″ x  90″ – the extra inches allow for more cuddle room side to side for children in body casts.
  • Double: 80 by 90 inches
  • Queen: 90 by 90 to 100 inches
  • King: 108 by 90 to 100 inches

After you have chained your first row, insert hook into third stitch from hook, under the two upper strands and make a dc.  Skip one stitch and make 2 double crochet stitches in the next stitch.  Do this until the end of the row.  In other words – instead of making a dc in each stitch, you are making 2 dc in a stitch, skipping the next stitch and then doing 2 dc in the next stitch.

This is the pattern for the entire afghan.  Use a large hook and keep your stitches uniform and loose.  When changing color, either make a square knot or tie both ends together by making a loop, passing the ends through the loop, and pulling it tight to make a knot. Leave an inch of ends when you change colors to make the afghan even more scrappier – see picture.

This type of afghan crochets up very quickly and is a lot of fun to do.  When you are done, put your afghan (or afghans) in a box and send them to:

Relief Share

6078 Lundy Rd

Houston, MO 665483-2225

Please include a note in the box with your name and address so we can send you a thank  you letter and tax deductible receipt.

Snuggle blanket from scrap yarn.

Snuggle blanket from scrap yarn.

Happy colors make for happy kids.

Happy colors make for happy kids.

Look what a difference a bit of eyelash yarn can make.

Look what a difference a bit of eyelash yarn can make.

If you don’t have time to make the afghans – please send your yarn skeins and scraps to us and our volunteers will be happy to crochet them up into bundles of love.








would like to make one of these scrap afghans If I have questions I hope that I’ll receive a reply Thank you ladies


Wonderful! You will have fun making a scrap afghan – warning…they are addicting LOL. If you want to email us directly, our email is We are here if you need help!


I recently crocheted an afghan and mailed it to a friend. It cost me $16 to send one afghan! Do you know of an inexpensive way to ship these to you? I have about 3 crocheted afghans in my closet that I could send but I don’t want to spend around $50 to ship them, LOL. I can not afford that.


Thank you so much for offering to send us afghans, the sick and needy we serve can really use them. The best way to send the afghans is parcel post. It is the slowest way, but the cheapest. You may find that UPS is cheaper than the post office for larger parcels. Thanks again, it is wonderful for you to offer.


We really appreciate your help with the pattern, thank you so much :-)


I am doing this and wonder can you use all types of yarn ? I have chunky, homespum, baby, 4oz, 5oz, etc…can I use it all. I chained about hundred figured good for a throw.


Any type of yarn can be used :-)

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