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Getting into the Christmas Spirit – NEED vs GREED


Getting into the Christmas Spirit - NEED vs GREED

I have been reading and pondering the list of “I wants” for Christmas that have been hitting the internet and the circumstances around them with some folks justifying their requests for ‘help’. I wonder how many of them Christ would have approved of.

Asking for help to bless the life of a baby, who no fault of their own, has a dire health situation thrust upon her that needs serious attention and help is a sweet, selfless kind thing to do.

Asking for MORE presents because you don’t feel that efforts of mooching has gotten enough freebies for your kids or yourself who are already getting presents at Christmas is simply not Christ-like.  I am referring to a mother stating that her kids were ‘only’ getting a few presents each from Toys for Tots and that just wasn’t enough!  To make it worse, she and her husband work, but she decided to ask for more Christmas presents from the public anyway.  (that sound you just heard was my jaw dropping at the ingratitude and blatant greed).

What has me in such a knot? As most of you know, I run a charity. I see the worst of the worst and the most helpless and serious cases of lack. It really makes me sad to see essential donations siphoned off because of greed, when they are desperately needed.

The truth is there are people who have zero food, they aren’t even asking for a traditional Christmas dinner (though there is nothing wrong with that, food is essential) – they are asking for anything – a little bit of bread and clean drinking water. Yes, there are areas in the USA that people have to purchase their water as the drinking water is not safe. Imagine that – just wanting some water to drink and not getting it because someone decided that ‘Santa’ needed to be more generous with them and their already taken care of kids.

Let’s turn these negative comments I just made criticizing people for being greedy and selfish (yes, I admit I did that out of sheer frustration and indignation) into something positive.

If folks really want to make a difference this Christmas, here is the start of a list of some things that are actually needed and wanted:
- bottled water, food, multi-vitamins, bread, milk, fruits and vegetables
- body soap, shampoo, conditioner, dish soap, cleaners
- clean underwear, a basic outfit – a sweat suit or something warm, a coat, gloves, hats, mittens
- basic baby items like diapers, blankets, sleepers, hats, pacifiers, etc.
- a toothbrush ( and if you are feeling really frivolous, some toothpaste
as well).
- blankets, sheets, pillows
- a Christmas card. Oh, you don’t think this is an essential? Ask the folks in the old folks home whose kids – living off the money they are taking from their aged parents and going on beach vacations – never come to see. The ones the workers in the less reputable old folks home drug to make them easier to take care of and dampen their sadness and upset.

Take these items to your nearest homeless shelter, crisis center or church to donate out. Those folks, like me, work with the sick and needy all the time and know exactly where the items need to go. We stand anxiously waiting for donation boxes to arrive to immediately get the life saving food and water and clean clothing to those who have nothing.

It is best for folks to donate locally to save on shipping – the money spent shipping items can help more people, but when you have taken care of those in your area, please consider donating to other charity.  There are folks in the US who desperately need your kindness and help so step up this Christmas, lengthen your stride, and please, please do something. Anything. Send essentials and whatever else you would like to send and do it wholeheartedly with your love and prayers.

This is a wonderful horrible time of year. Wonderful if a miracle happens in your world and terribly horrible when it doesn’t and suffering happens. Somehow everything is magnified at this time of year – happiness, sadness, love, hate, joy, sorrow – you can be the difference in your life and someone else’s life, if you choose to do so.

If you find this post overwhelming, please just delete it. Sometimes we need to withdraw from life to catch our breath, and that’s okay for survival, but if you are feeling able to help – do something, give something – even if it is just a kind word, a smile or a little help. One pacifier send in a package will just cost a few dollars, but to that mother whose baby needs it, it is very much important. One box of Mylicon drops for baby’s gas from Wal Mart (the generic Equate is a lot less and just as good) makes the difference between tears of joy and tears of sorrow for a family who just doesn’t have the money to get any.

If God has placed you in a position to sacrifice to bless someone else’s life and you can give more, let me share with you a secret of the universe. What you send out in love, returns back to you many times over.

Service and charity blesses the giver just as it blesses the receiver. We can be both givers AND receivers at the same time. That’s the secret and the key to happiness. The world says it like this: Spread the joy. And I say, please do.

May God bless all of you according to your actions, and may you be worthy of great blessings.

Carol Green
6078 Lundy Rd
Houston, MO 65483-2225

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woot, thankyou! I finally came to a site where the webmaster knows what they’re talking about. thankyou very much for the info, much appreciated.


I know you didn’t write this post just for me, but you helped me out, thanks for caring.


Thanks guys, I just about lost it looknig for this. Glad I found the charity info.

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