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Music to bless the soul – a real treat is in store for you…..


Danny Wright at his piano.

Healing through music – a true gift from God to all of us through Danny Wright who is an international concert pianist. He has sold over 6 million albums since his debut in 1986, he is also my favorite pianist! I just have to share ;-)

Danny Wright Releases 35th Album SOUL 2 SOUL and

Launches The Danny Wright Foundation of Music.

Danny Wright’s all-original contemporary piano music interprets healing stories in the purest of ways. The best-selling pianist’s new Danny Wright Foundation of Music will provide music to critically-ill children and seniors, while also supporting musical education in Nevada’s schools.

Las Vegas, NV (October 4, 2011) — International concert pianist Danny Wright’s impressive thirty-fifth recording Soul 2 Soul (released on White Lyte Music, September 26, 2011), sets the bar high for creative and all-original music for contemporary solo piano. Wright’s lifelong training and seemingly innate ability to create moving, magical, and unprecedented aural pieces of art, are represented in this new album. A native Texan, now based in Las Vegas, Wright’s command of musical textures and tones on the wholly-instrumental Soul 2 Soul crosses contemporary, new age and Christian genres.

“This is one of my most heartfelt albums,” Wright said, “My wonderful fans have been asking for a simple solo piano album for years, and the time was just right for these songs to pour out of my soul, inspired by the beautiful people I’ve met through my music.”

On Soul 2 Soul, nearly twenty-five years of music-making has culminated in classic, inspirational and memorable melodies that flow effortlessly through the air. As producer of Soul 2 Soul, Wright – along with co-producer Cheri White – commissioned recording and engineering services from Hyman Stansky at Harbor House Studios in Keller, Texas. A year in the making, Soul 2 Soul is Wright’s first all-original album in twelve years. Wright’s previous release was Walking in Faith (distributed by Inner Knot) a collection of faith-based songs for solo piano recorded in memory of his parents, contributing to his total album sales of over six million copies worldwide.

The inspiration for Soul 2 Soul is vast, drawing from various fans’ and listeners’ stories—whether joyous or painful—and from a range of different Internet sources, concert meetings, and personal friendships. In response to their emotional stories, Wright created compositions to honor their memory or to celebrate their life, either overcoming physical obstacles or comforting those in times of need. Keep in mind, Wright creates these musical landscapes with nothing more than a Steinway piano. All vocals and additional instrumentation are set aside to allow the piano’s “voice” to tell the stories.

The sweet melody of “Adriannes Heart,” most certainly evokes Valentine’s Day imagery with love, faith, and hope for better days to come. The galaxy-titled “To the Moon and Stars and Back” is not necessarily space music, except for the fact Wright’s playing resonates beyond borders, cultures, and, perhaps, planets; this track solidifies Wright’s international (and extraterrestrial) appeal. “Friends are Friends Forever” is a celebration of friendship with a sweeping melody that carries the listener off into another world. “Sweet Jewels” is a tantalizing track with a softly-played melody; but Wright knows how to tickle the high keys in such a manner as to evoke the sparkling characteristics of gemstones tumbling out of a bag. The tragic result of a son’s motorcycle accident and his eventual awakening from a coma is the subject of “Have Faith.” “Where There’s A Will There’s A Way” is titled after the name of an inspiring baby (Will) born prematurely with developmental disabilities and autism effects. “At Peace” is a tribute to co-producer and album cover artist, Cheri White, whose husband passed away in his sleep. The events, though seemingly somber, offer catharsis and healing through Wright’s uplifting musical spirit throughout the album. Other tracks include “Tara’s Theme,” “I Found You,” “Carole’s Odyssey,” and “White Lyte,” all expertly ordered and arranged to offer the type of healing and loving experience that has endeared Wright to his fans worldwide. Surely, listeners will find companionship in these spiritual interpretations of challenging events.

White’s contribution to the cover album artwork illustrates the therapeutic side of painting with a flowing stream in the middle of higher, autumn-colored bluffs and hillsides. In a way, the music flows beautifully in the middle of the natural environment, as well as between individuals. The water imagery serves as a creative flow of musical ingenuity that showcases Wright’s way of giving back to the people that inspired the new work.

As a Steinway and PianoDisc artist, Wright celebrates the sounds of piano, while steering close to fellow contemporaries Tom Barabas, George Winston, Dave Grusin, David Foster, Billy Joel, and Barbra Streisand. In fact, Streisand’s passion for music and Wright’s emotive piano compositions have inspired fans to draw parallels between their music. Recently, Wright was delighted when one of his fans told him “You play the piano like Barbra Streisand sings.”

In addition to recording Soul 2 Soul over the past year or so, Wright also co-founded the Danny Wright Foundation of Music, which produced a star-studded benefit event at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV on September 18, 2011. The foundation’s mission statement is “Healing the Planet one Heart at a time.” Essentially, the foundation will provide instruments and instructors to sick children in hospitals throughout Nevada and by supporting music programs in schools. Moreover, ten-percent of all proceeds from Soul 2 Soul and other albums will be donated to the Danny Wright Foundation of Music when purchased at the foundation’s website. (

Soul 2 Soul is available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon, and at fine music stores everywhere via distribution by Inner Knot and E1 Entertainment. White Lyte Music is also reissuing four of Wright’s best-selling albums including An Intimate Christmas, Real Romance, Keys From My Heart, and Walking in Faith; all albums will be available both digitally and at brick-and-mortar retail stores.


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About Danny Wright
Danny Wright is an international concert pianist who has sold over 6 million albums since his debut in 1986. Wright’s talent stems from musical training from age 4, studying with some of the best piano instructors in the world. He has been named twice by Billboard Magazine as a Top 10 artist in his genre, with three of his albums in Billboard’s Top 10 New Age Albums for three consecutive years. He is currently represented by White Lyte Music LLC in Las Vegas, NV, and is founder of the Danny Wright Foundation of Music.

About The Danny Wright Foundation of Music
The Danny Wright Foundation was formed to help people through the power of music. The Mission Statement is: “Healing the planet one heart at a time. Dedicated to the enrichment of the lives of All People with the understanding and appreciation in the healing power of music. Helping people the “Wright Way.”




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