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..that the solution to inequality, pain, suffering, and lack in the world is ‘those that have’ sharing willingly from the heart with ‘those that have not’ who are sick and/or needy.

Warm clothing and bedding for babies, quilts for the aged or ill, books for the disadvantaged, essentials and household goods for those who have lost everything in floods, house fires, or due to job loss; these are just some of the need we assist with. You can help.


Easy knitted free Relief Share bootie pattern – it’s addictive ;-)


Quick and easy baby booties pattern - knit

This darling Relief Share baby booties knitting pattern is great for beginners and experts alike.  (Picture compliments of Wendy).

Knitting needles: size 5 or 6, depending on how tightly you knit.

Gauge: 8 stitches per inch. Use baby yarn.

Size given for small (med, lg)

Cast on 36 (40,44) stitches.  Work in garter stitch (knit all rows) for 12 rows.

Next row: Knit 16 (18, 20) stitches.  Knit next two stitches together (k2tog), slip one stitch from one needle to the other without knitting it (slst), then knit the next stitch and pick up the slipped stitch in front of it and pass it over the knitted stitch (psso), then knit to the end of the row.

Next row: Purl 15 (17, 19) stitches. Purl 2 stitches together (p2tog), then purl the next two stitches together (p2tog), purl to end of row.

Next row: Knit 14 (16, 18) sts. K2tog, slst, psso (see above for the meaning of the abbreviations), then knit to end of row.

Next row: Purl 13 (15, 17), p2tog, p2tog, p to end of row. Continue this way decreasing 2 sts each row until 24 (28, 32) sts remain on needle as follows:

Next row: K 12 (14, 16), k2tog, slst, psso, knit to end of row.

Next row: P 11 (13, 15), p2tog, p2tog, p to end of row.

Next row: k1, (yarn over, k2tog), continue to end of row.  Knit next 6 rows and bind off LOOSELY.

With a crochet hook, chain 80 to make the tie (not show in picture), and run through the eyelet row.  Sew up back and bottom of booties. Ta da!

Have fun knitting up a bunch and pop them into a package to send to Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225 to keep the sick and needy babies tootsies warm in hospital and in the shelters.





How cute! Found the perfect thing to take with me to my meeting tonight. Let’s see how many I can knit up while I’m there.


I always have my needles and yarn tucked in my purse so I can knit where ever I go. It’s fun to be able to hand a finished ball to a child when I am done – the last ball I finished I gave to the baby with his mother behind me in the lineup at Hobby Lobby and told his mother and grandmother were to find the pattern on and on our website. I love to see the smiles on the faces of those I share the balls with ;-) Relief Share just gave lots of the balls to the hospital in Houston a few days ago and the nurses were thrilled with them and will enjoy sharing them with their patients!

Carol Green/President


I made these for a friend.


used this pattern for first booties, knitted up the first time and really adorable. will make a bunch for reliefshare. thanks for the simple but intricate looking pattern.

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