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Warm clothing and bedding for babies, quilts for the aged or ill, books for the disadvantaged, essentials and household goods for those who have lost everything in floods, house fires, or due to job loss; these are just some of the need we assist with. You can help.


Relief Share Knitted Gnome – free pattern


Darling soft pink gnome - knitted

These darling Relief Share gnomes give the babies and children, who are sick and needy, something to snuggle with. They can help turn a difficult situation into a tolerable one with a soft toy tucked under one arm.

The stress of seeing a preemie baby in the hospital neonatal intensive care unit struggling for breath can be lessened for parents who see a sweet gnome in the side of the isolette with a tiny outfit and blanket made for their baby by strangers filled with love and caring.

You can find the pattern here:

To get started:
Materials: 20 yards of worsted weight wool yarn for the body color 5 yards of worsted weight wool yarn for the skin color clean carded sheep’s wool for stuffing yarn needle size 6 knitting needles (for worsted weight) or size appropriate for weight of yarn You can use any size needle and yarn to create different size gnome babies!

First Leg: Cast on 10 stitches, leaving about a 10″ tail for sewing up the leg Knit 10 rows (garter stitch). Cut yarn leaving a 5″ tail.

Second Leg: (push first leg to bottom of needles) Cast on 10 stitches on same needle that first leg is on this time leaving about a 15″ tail. Like first leg, knit 10 rows (garter stitch).

Body: Now knit both legs together (all 20 stitches). This will form the body. Knit (garter stitch) for 16 rows

Head: Now switch to the skin color – and knit 10 rows in the stockinette stitch (this is one row garter, one row purl). After you have finished the 10th row – bind off all 20 stitches.

Sew up the Body: Start with the shorter piece of yarn on the leg and thread the needle. Fold the leg in half to meet in the middle. (Wrong sides together – the smooth part of the head will be on the inside) Start with a running stitch around the bottom of the leg and pull. Then stitch up the side of the leg. Finish by making a knot with the other yarn end that is in the middle and tuck yarn ends to the outside. Now take the longer string at the end of the other leg and thread yarn needle. Work just like the first leg except continue stitching up the back of the gnome baby. When you reach the skin color – tie off with the other colored yarn. Turn body right side out. Stuff body with wool. Stuff legs first. I use the end of the knitting needle or crochet hook to get the wool in firmly. Stuff up to the beginning of the head. Now take the yarn that you used to knit up the back of the body and make a running stitch between the body color and head color to form the neck. Tie a knot. Now tuck all the loose strings into the head and take the skin color hanging yarn and thread needle. Sew up back of the head only to the top. Cut body color loose string inside head. Stuff head with wool. Now use a running stitch around top of head and tie off with other yarn string. Cut hanging yarns almost to the knot.

Arms: Cast on 8 stitches and knit 8 rows cast off. Sew up cast off edge with a running stitch and then sew up side. Stuff Arm . Repeat for Arm 2.

Hat: Cast on 22 stitches. Knit four rows in the stockinette stitch (Knit one row, Purl one row) for four rows. Now, knit two stitches together at the beginning and end of each knit row (every other row). Continue this until there is only one stitch left. Cut yarn long (about 20″) and pull through loop. Put yarn in yarn needle and sew up back of hat. Let the bottom of the hat roll up a bit for the brim and finish sewing around head and then attach to side of body.

A huge thank you to Tonya for sharing her pattern.

These little gnomes are easy to hand knit or knit on a knitting machine.  I hope you will make some for yourself, family and friends and then keep knitting make some extras to share with us with those in hospitals and shelters.

The pink gnome in the picture was hand knitted on size 6 knitting needles with acrylic yarn for the face, and the rest in worsted weight bamboo yarn.  We doubled the number of stitches in the pattern for a larger gnome, but the smaller gnomes are perfect for little hands, too.  There are many sizes of gnomes you can make, depending on what needles you use, or what machines or how many stitches you knit.

Little gnome snuggly and matching knitted woven ball.

Here is one of the regular size smaller gnomes we made and donated to the hospital.  This little gnome and ball were knitted on an Ultimate Sweater Machine knitting machine (the kind you buy at JoAnn Fabrics) that is not mechanized.  We used Love That Yarn acrylic yarn from Hobby Lobby.  The pattern for the knitted ball is here on our blog as well – please feel free to knit and send them for our sick and needy babies as well.

Pomegranate gnome next to Sea Turtle gnome

We knitted a little pomegranate gnome by hand and you can see the difference between the same pattern knitted on the machine and by hand.  Either way, they are a lot of fun. The little pomegranate gnome was given to a darling little boy at church who was good as gold for the entire hour with his little gnome to keep him company.  There is magic in these little gnomes, we think :-)

Donations of knitted items, knitting supplies such as yarn, needles, etc can be sent to :

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We are a 501 (c) 3 non profit registered with the IRS. Tax deductible receipts and thank you letters are sent out for donations received. Please include your name and address so we can thank you.


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