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Reviews for – JawayTool®Repair Tools Kit, Ramkon Car and Desk Mount and Colored Stylus.


Relief Share reviews quality products and shares them with our blog readers so you will know where to find items you may be looking for. The best part? We are allowed to keep the items we review so they may be used for Relief Share charity work or donated out to those who may be in need of them.

We really enjoyed reviewing this item. It has many uses with the variety of tasks we find ourself engaged in. You can purchase it on Amazon

Jaway Tool has really impressed with it’s high quality precision set. Everything is well thought out and in the right place. The clasp on the case slides open to allow access to a beautifully balanced metal handle that the bits slide into. Sheer genius created a swing forward presentation of the tips you will want to use – they stay put and it is quick and easy to get the right precision top to slide in the base, making work faster and more efficient, especially with the swivel end on the handle, allowing constant pressure as you work. I love that the tips are lightly magnetized so they seat well and stay in place. When you are finished you simply slide the tip out and put it away, swing the tips back in place and return the gold beautifully designed handle to its resting place, close the cover and slide the clasp back in place. The case is compact and can be slid into your pocket for easy access for the next job. I recieved this excellent quality screw bit driver tool kit in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I find it to be more than expected and all that was promised. The tool kit even includes Includes pentalobe bits for iPhone and MacBook and was made to repair most handheld electronic devices, wristwatches, laptops, cameras and eyeglasses. It is now a go-to staple in my home and office. A+

Stylus to use for our Relief Share Kindle

These bright colored styluses are fun and wonderful to use on our Relief Share Kindle. Very responsive Precision Touch Stylus. The have sturdy metal clips that won’t snap and break like plastic ones.The tips are soft silicone and durable so they don’t rip or tears. These are great to take notes and sketch patterns and they don’t leave scratches or fingerprints. We love the bright colors, especially the gold and silver metallic colors. They are lightweight so there is no fatigue from using a heavier stylus, they also fit into the pocket without weighing it down. We received this set of stylus at a discount in return for an honest and unbiased review. They are approx 4 1/2″ long and fit nicely in our hands.

Reference ID: pmd6e7bd3aca35a70c3191f2c7f1b485e8

Wonderful go-to count for car or desk from Ramkon

This Ramkon Car Mount Holder is a very versatile useful tool. I can quickly install it in the car in the CD slot with no tools to be ready almost instantly to hold my iphone for GPS readings. It is strong and durable, and can stand up to a lot of use. When plans change, and in a busy lifestyle – they do, it takes just seconds to grab the Ramkon and switch it to another vehicle and be off to go get our Relief Share donations made at the hospital.

It is good looking and stylish, a universal black that goes well with anything and with it being portable and lightweight, that makes it a must have. I also discovered that it makes a really good stand for my iphone to use on my desk if I am multi-tasking to be able to facetime and keep working on the computer without interrupting what I am doing, and if I need to pick up the phone to go get something, I simply pick up the holder and start walking – conversation still continuing and show the volunteer on the phone the baby blankets and cocoons we are talking about – and then return to my desk to put the holder and phone down and work hands free again. I am really loving the convenience, freedom and versatility of this great Ramkon car mount/holder.

Here is the disclosure – We recieved this item at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This is how Relief Share gets many of the items we need at a price we can afford. We like to share good news, too. pm610bdb893d576f439c67175e91587676

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