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..that the solution to inequality, pain, suffering, and lack in the world is ‘those that have’ sharing willingly from the heart with ‘those that have not’ who are sick and/or needy.

Warm clothing and bedding for babies, quilts for the aged or ill, books for the disadvantaged, essentials and household goods for those who have lost everything in floods, house fires, or due to job loss; these are just some of the need we assist with. You can help.


Soothing and relaxing relief! #AnusootheSitzBath


Delivery is hard work. Let AnuHealth's Sitz Bath help get you back to your pre-birth body.

This post is for new moms. There is a way to heal and feel more comfortable after the birth of your baby. You can thank us later by paying it forward to share the info with others who need to hear it.   When new mothers leave the hospital after giving birth, many times their doctors recommend Sitz Baths and AnuHealth makes it easy with a portable sitz bath that can be used in the comfort of home. Soaking in warm water will soothe irritation and heal the parts that need a little TLC.

Pressure during pregnancy and birth can also cause hemmorroids.  The sitz bath can really be comforting as the blood flow increases to the area in response to the warm water. The AnuHealth Sitz bath fits in standard bathroom fixtures and is simply the ability to allow your saddle area to be soothed with the warm water and your skin to relax and clean itself with the warm flow. AnuHealth has developed an easy way to do this with a bag that you fill with warm/hot water – whatever temperature you determine you are the most comfortable with and as the water cools, you simply allow more of the water from the bag to flow into the Sitz bath, where the excess water goes out through the bath into the john.

This Sitz Bath is also good for after your monthlies to feel cleaner and it is calming and soothing as well. Get your favorite book and sit a while, allowing the warm water and Mother Nature to take care of what ails you. When you are done, simply dump the water, clean out the sitz bath and put it away for next time. The Sitz bath is durable and will last for a long time.

- portable
- convenient
- easy to use
- quick to clean up
- good for postpartum, after periods, dealing with old age hemmorroid issues.

A little witch hazel is also soothing to go with the Sitz Bath.Witch hazel can be poured on 4 x 4 gauze pads, and sitting on them after getting out of the Sitz Bath will also aid healing up a lot faster.  #AnusootheSitzBath

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