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..that the solution to inequality, pain, suffering, and lack in the world is ‘those that have’ sharing willingly from the heart with ‘those that have not’ who are sick and/or needy.

Warm clothing and bedding for babies, quilts for the aged or ill, books for the disadvantaged, essentials and household goods for those who have lost everything in floods, house fires, or due to job loss; these are just some of the need we assist with. You can help.

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Relief Share update:

By this time, folks are settling back into normal routines after the busy holiday season.  Fall and Christmas time for Relief Share volunteers was filled with lots of laughter, sharing, joy, caring, quilting, knitting, crochet, sewing and shopping!  Relief Share volunteers donated gifts of love to the sick and needy, along with prayers for their safety, peace and security.

Some of the Relief Share items donated out included toys, clothing, coloring books, pacifiers, knitted hats, blankets, and stuffed animals to the Hospital Emergency room. The maternity ward at the hospitals were given nursing pillows, knitted and crocheted baby cocoons and hats, receiving blankets, outfits, sleepers, onesies, socks, diaper rash ointment, baby shampoo, bottles, pacifiers, diaper bags, and baby accessories.  Medical clinics received baby burial layettes, comfort toys, baby clothing and blankets, dollies, teddies and more.  Individuals needed help with food, clothing, heaters to stay warm, emergency supplies, comfort toys for their children and basic household supplies and goods.

We are so grateful for all of the Relief Share donors and volunteers that made the miracle of giving relief to those in need by sharing of their time, talents and funds. It takes all of us working together to make miracles happen!

By the way, if you come to check on our Relief Share blog and don’t see current posts as frequently as you would like to – come follow us on facebook! Yes, we have a facebook page and try to post fairly regularly there  - we are busy at  our knitting machines, sewing machines, sergers and doing knitting, quilting, crocheting or trying to get enough supplies to be able to meet the needs of those requesting help, but we are never too busy for YOU! :-)   You can always email us at where we check our mail daily and immediately respond.

Clothing for sick and needy babies and children donated out to where it was most needed

Receiving blankets serged and hand made knitted balls for the hospital

Toys for the emergency room.


Donation for a newborn baby girl!

We just love it when our Relief Share donations are met with as much excitement and enthusiasm as they are sent with.  There will be a little baby girl that is warm and snuggly this Christmas, thanks to the combined donations of those who love God’s tiniest children and want to help.

This donation consisted of new and gently used clothing shared by hearts and hands that know how important it is to give a little one a nice warm snuggly start in life!

Merry Christmas to a new little wee one in Arizona! May her and her mother’s holidays be happy and bright.

Do you have baby clothing you have stashed away that has never gotten used and want to share with those who really need the items?  We can give you back your storage space and make your donations count.  Donations from Relief Share are given to babies and families in crisis – either through sickness, domestic violence, poverty or other trauma.  Every piece of clothing, every pacifier, blanket, socks, onesies, receiving blankets, and baby items make a major difference in the lives of those who lack and only need someone to put their love in action and help with a donation.

Simply put your items in a box and ship to Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225.  Be sure to include your address so we can send you a tax receipt and thank you letter.

May your Christmas be cheery and bright!


Crisis center donation of warm hats, scarves and more!

Our Relief Share volunteers have been very busy knitting and crocheting up a storm.  Donations have come in from many parts of the country to be combined with items made here at Relief Share’s home office in the Ozarks.  Many items to keep babies and families warm have been created with love and prayers to be shared with the sick and needy who appreciate a gift from a stranger to ward off the cold.

Hats, scarves and other items can mean the difference between staying healthy and getting sick.  It can also mean the difference between a simple cold and pneumonia or worse.  In more desperate circumstances, it can even mean the difference between life and death.  Babies need their strength to heal and grow and a warm baby hat and cocoon can mean everything to a struggling family bringing home a preemie baby from the intensive care.

Relief Share is donating 50 handmade knitted hats, and many scarves and other items to the crisis center for the sick and needy, so the Thanksgiving and Christmas season will be a little warmer with love from the heart and hands of strangers who cared enough to spend their time, talents and resources on those who are in desperate circumstances and need help.

A heartfelt THANKS to all the wonderful donors and volunteers working with Relief Share to make the miracle of love and warmth happen for those who need us this season.

If you would like to help knit and crochet to help the sick and needy, feel free to use your own patterns and make hats, scarves, mittens, cocoons and sweaters in any size and any type of yarn – there is always someone waiting for your items as we address the needs at a number of hospitals, homeless shelters, crisis centers, medical clinics, churches etc across the country.

Send your donations to Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225.  We always send a thank you letter/tax deductible receipt with each donation received, so be sure to include your name and address for us to thank you properly ;-) We are so grateful for your love in action. If you would like to donate yarn, knitting and crochet supplies and tools, please do – we will love you for it!

President Carol Green

Email me – I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.


There is nothing like service to help us get our priorities straight.

I won’t hit you with the blow by blow on our busy day at Relief Share, it would be a book, but today not only was a family with 7 children helped but, through divine intervention, another family with 8 children received food for the Christmas holidays as well.  The family of 7 received an entire truckload of Christmas food, clothing, coats, scarves, hats, blankets, toys, books and necessities. Thank you to a very sweet lady who donated some money with the suggestion that I use the flea markets and thrift stores to make it stretch even further – I did ;-)   also included were toys and books and also hand knitted items from our Relief Share volunteer, Lorene.

I am only 3 years old, but I can help, too!

What was so fun was when my little 3 year old grandson came up to the house from the guest house with Momma in tow with a huge teddy bear.  It is his favorite teddy and he uses it for a chair to watch TV in.  It has a big red and green plaid bow on its neck.  Reuben insisted that I take the teddy bear to the family with all the children.  The family with the 7 children have a little boy who is 6 with a birthday tomorrow, the day before Christmas and Reuben wanted to ‘do charity work’ like mommy and grandma.  THAT is the reward of a long life – seeing grandchildren make excellent choices and understand sacrifice for others.

Tonight I am busy tying a polar fleece blanket for my 8 week old grandson for Christmas and experiencing gratitude for a loving Heavenly Father.

I am grateful for a loving husband, wonderful children, a firm faith in God, good health (well for me ;-) and the ability to serve others.  I am also grateful for our volunteers and donors and read email from all of you who make my life more full and happy.

A very Merry Christmas to everyone – may God bless you and touch your hearts as he has done for me.  I am grateful for you.

President Carol C Green


At this busy season we don’t always get to post as much as we like as our energies are spent on donations to the sick and needy.  The best way we can worship the Saviour and thank him for his love and protection is to show extended kindness and compassion to those around us who need our help.

The past few weeks have been a flurry of activity, with a front page article in the Messenger Houston Herald newspaper sharing some of what we are doing.  When our scanner is working again (it’s just fine, I only need to upload the drivers), we will scan in the article to share.

The best and most wonderful event that occurred to uplift the lives of a specific family of the area was a donation from a sweet angel who sacrificed so the little family in need could be raised up from their suffering and worries to enjoy a blessed Christmas.

Donations have been taken to the Medical Clinic, Hospital, 911 office for a burn out family, Shriners Childrens Hospital in St Louis and to other organizations that help the families. Many boxes have been hand delivered and lots have been mailed across the country to needy individuals and families.


Got your attention, did I?!  :-)

If anyone has some spent shot gun shells, we would love it if they would donate them to our charity.  Relief Share can give you a tax deductible receipt for them as they will come to our charity to be donated after they are made into Christmas lights.  Yep, you read right.  They make the prettiest Christmas lights.

I just finished watching my son in law and daughter make some for their Christmas tree this year.  Laura had ordered some off the net and when they came they were only 8 feet long.  Yeah right, that really doesn’t go far.  She came over to my house to see if I had more white mini light strings and I had a brand new box of 100 feet.  Josh had figured out how to make them himself and they turned that string of mini lights into the prettiest Christmas lights you ever saw by using spent shot gun shells – recycling at it’s best! Cost free, too.

I know a lot of folks that would love them.  Relief Share volunteers will make the shot gun shell Christmas lights up and donate them to the those who don’t have any money for Christmas decorations ;-)   We also have a charity flea market booth and when we can take care of all the needy,  if we have any left over, we will use them for fundraiser in our charity flea market booth, though probably next year for the fundraising with them as there isn’t enough time to do that this year as well as do the donations as we always take care of the sick and needy first.

Here are pictures ;-)   You may even want to make some yourself!

Take these:

Hammer, glass eye wash dish, screwdriver, spent shot gun casing

If you don’t have a glass eye wash dish, use anything that has a curved bottom that you can hammer the shot gun shell into to push the bottom concave.

Using the shot gun shells, you can make lights by pushing clear mini lights into the end of the shells and closing the top with the screwdriver pushing the plastic in place so they will stay on the mini light string.

spent shotgun shells

All that effort is worth while (and it’s a lot of effort), will make get these:

That look like this:

and these:

That look like this:

Shotgun shell Christmas lights! Recycling at it's best!

Note: the black ones are too opaque to do much but the other colors, especially the green, red and yellow work great.

The address to send the shot gun shells to is: Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd., Houston, MO 64583-2225.  If you have clear mini light strings that you’d like to send as well, that would be wonderful.  We will send a tax deductible receipt with your thank you letter.  We are a 501 (c ) 3 IRS approved non profit.

President Carol Green


We found this quick and easy tutorial on the net to make cute tissue holders. This would be a wonderful Christmas stocking stuffer or a gift for a friend in hospital (which is what we are using the tutorial for – the hospital patients really appreciate little things like this to know they are loved and not forgotten.

Here is the link for this adorable tissue holder.

It’s also a great soft and quiet tissue holder to slip into the pocket of your temple gown. Rustling plastic at the temple or church is so distracting.  Isn’t it cute?  You will be amazed at how quickly it sews up with just scraps of material you have laying around!

Soft Tissue Holder


Angel Card Project for 2010

Mark Martin is the founder of the Angel Card Project.   Every year lots and lots of folks come together to spread a little holiday cheer to those who need it.   We join together and all send Holiday cards to the less fortunate, sick, elderly, lonely, and those who just generally need a good cheering up!

Many of the people who receive cards from this project might not otherwise have anything to make them smile during the holiday season.  This can even include Military Individuals!   So we send them Christmas Cards to put a smile on their faces and a nice warm feeling in their hearts.   This is strictly a VOLUNTEER project.   Mark hosts it every year to give folks an opportunity to give a little something back at Christmas time to folks who deserve it.

Any questions concerning the project should be submitted to Mark and he will answer you back as soon as he has a chance.   It may take him a few days, so be patient waiting for your reply. You can Email Mark at


It’s been a whirlwind of a month this December.  As the holidays approach and the weather gets colder, we tune up our sewing machines and sergers and move it!  The donations have been flying in and out faster than Santa’s elves!

Twin size quilts have been made and donated to Shriners Childrens Hospital in St Louis, Missouri for the patients beds.

Donations of nursing pillows and covers were sewn and donated to Texas County Memorial Hospital in Houston, MO.

A large donation of baby items was delivered to a new Mom in hospital for a beautiful new baby boy in Houston, MO.

A donation of baby beds were donated to a family in Wyoming.

A donation of cone yarn was accepted from E Warner for volunteers to knit up into warm snuggly afghans and clothing for the sick and needy.

A large donation of yarn was given to Newborns in Need, Ozarks Chapter along with other hand made and knitted items for their distribution over southern Missouri.

A Christmas donation of stockings and baby clothing and items was donated to a small town hospital in Missouri.

Donations of food, clothing and bedding were donated throughout Texas County in Missouri to needy families.

A donation of toys and food was delivered to a local church in southern Missouri.

A large donation of household goods was donated anonymously and immediately used where it was needed the most.

There are a number of other donations in and out that occured during the month of December, including donations of sewing supplies, fabrics, yarn, craft supplies and other goods that are needed by our volunteers to create the items requested by donors.

May 2010 be a wonderful one, filled with love and caring for our fellow man.  You can get involved with making the world a better place for those who are struggling.  Relief Share accepts any kind of donation – monetary, volunteer or goods.  Goods that are gently used, irregulars, returns from store purchases, new, or otherwise clean and usable are gratefully accepted.  We do have a flea market booth for items that are not generally requested as donations but can be sold to purchase items that are needed – for example – a china cat brought $5 in the flea market, and that allowed us to purchase 5 yards of flannel on sale and make 5 baby receiving blankets that were donated to the NICU unit at the hospital.

We make every donation count.  Your donations are treated with care and respect and every single item or penny is put to good use.  A donation of gift boxes was perfect for us to put our handknit baby layette sets in for the hospital.  Now the nurses can quickly and easily see if the layettes or boy or girl and what size as the information is written on the end of the boxes and stacked neatly for quick access.

Address to send donations to:

Relief Share

6078 Lundy Rd

Houston, MO 65483-2225

All donations are tax deductible as we are a 501 (c) 3 charity registered with the IRS.

May God bless you all for your compassionate service and donations for others.

Carol C Green

Relief Share President.


Relief Share volunteers have been very busy handling donations in and out to help the sick and needy.

Donations in are:

- 2 twin size quilts from the Piney River Quilting guild to be sent to Shriners Hospital in St Louis for their patient’s beds
- baby quilts, onesies, booties and outfits from Terry W.
- 4 twin size quilts from Jan Stice for Shriners Childrens Hospital
- 2 bags of baby items from Hartshorn Assembly of God church
- toys for toddlers and small children
-  fabric and batting
- children’s clothing from a local business
- food
- household goods
- fabric samples from Janet W
- yarn, thread and fabric from Anne C

Donations out are:

- large play kitchen to local church for nursery, books, craft supplies, food for children
- hand knit and crocheted baby layettes, baby hygiene items, quilts and afghans to Texas County Memorial Hospital
- twin size quilts to Shriners Childrens Hospital in St Louis
- wheelchair, walker, toys, books, clothing, bedding and shoes to the Food Pantry and Crisis Center of Texas County
- food for local family
- food, hygiene products and clothing for family in need
- preemie and newborn Christmas baby items to Newborns in Need West Virginia Chapter
- yarn, fabric, baby items, layette items to Newborns in Need Ozarks Chapter, MO
- 2 bassinettes to family expecting twins
- boxes of baby clothing and accessories to young mother expecting a baby girl.
- breast pads, mylicon drops, newborn baby items to family
- baby monitor to family with toddler for safety reasons
- money for gas and necessities to needy family

The weather is getting colder and the holiday season is upon us. If you wish to help a sick and/or needy family with food, essentials or a gift card, please send your donations to:

Relief Share
6078 Lundy Rd
Houston, MO 65483-2225

A thank you letter and tax deductible receipt will be sent acknowledging your donation ;-)


Relief Share has been very blessed with donations to help the sick and/or needy families we serve. Donations of baby and toddler clothing, shoes, diaper bags, quilts, blankets, sheets, and toys came in and very quickly were donated out to where they were needed the most.

A generous donation of books from Alma Mooney of Licking was received as a fundraiser to raise money needed to purchase flannel for the backing of the Relief Share Quilts for Kids project.

Donations out include helping a family with a young child and another on the way with nursing pillow covers, household goods, food, baby clothing and bedding, essential supplies, toys, and other needed items. Newborns in Need Ozarks Chapter was the recipient of a large donation of cone yarn, baby clothing, bedding, fabric and diaper bags.

Donations of clothing to area residents in need of warmer seasonal clothing and food was also given out.

Wonder what you can help with? Here is a handy urgent needs list that you can print out and take with you when you do your shopping. Just get one or two extra items and send them to:
Relief Share
6078 Lundy Rd
Houston, MO 65483-2225
All donations are tax deductible.

Urgent Needs List:

Basic food item suggestions – Sugar, flour, salt, pepper, oil, cereal, tinned food such as beans, vegetables, fruit, soup, etc. Baby food, formula, crackers, tuna, etc. Many of the families we serve are very grateful for the food given them. A package of animal crackers, macaroni and cheese or juice boxes can make the world of difference to a hungry child. A Wal Mart gift card is also a great donation item as volunteers in our Relief Share office are happy to take the list of what is needed and purchase food and personal items, like toilet paper and shampoo and deliver it to the needy family – this also saves on shipping cost to us.

Clothing – clean gently used clothing or new. Socks, pants, tops, coats, shoes, undergarments, hats, mittens, etc. Accessories like purses or wallets, belts and backpacks are very gratefully accepted by recipients.

Bedding – home made, clean gently used or new. sheets, blankets, baby blankets, receiving blankets, pillows, pillow cases, crib sets, afghans.

Personal hygiene items – shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, deodorant, moisturizer, lotion, wet wipes, baby oil, baby diaper cream, baby powder, etc.

Books, toys, movies, games, and furniture is also welcome. Christmas is coming and many of the families we care for have little or nothing for the holiday. Full size filled stockings are a huge blessing at the Christmas season. We donate the stockings, when available, to foster homes, hospitals, medical centers, crisis centers, homeless shelters and area churches who care for the sick and needy. A doll or book can make a wonderful difference in a little one’s holiday season. A mother struggling to care for her family with no partner for support is grateful for a soft warm scarf from a donor to show her someone cares for her.

You can make Christmas brighter and more blessed by showing your love to a stranger who has need of your care.

Here are some ideas for you to consider making items to donate:
Sewing – quilts, baby clothing, bedding, blankets, tote bags, diaper bags, toys, dresses, diapers
Quilting – baby quilts, twin size quilts, toys, Christmas ornaments, tree skirts, wall hangings, totes
Knitting – hats, sweaters, mittens, socks, pants, tops, blankets, afghans, toys
Crochet – afghans, blankets, hats, dish cloths, toys, clothing, sweaters, mittens
Tat – handkerchiefs, bonnets, doilies , lace trim for baby gowns
Embroider – blankets, hats, clothing, toys

If you have questions or would like to talk with representatives from Relief Share – please feel free to email or call 417-967-3340 and ask for Stephanie or Carol. Please note: all Relief Share workers are volunteers – no one is paid – this is a work of the heart in Christ’s name giving relief through sharing to God’s children. We are his hands and feet showing mercy to the less fortunate – join us and make a difference today.


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