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..that the solution to inequality, pain, suffering, and lack in the world is ‘those that have’ sharing willingly from the heart with ‘those that have not’ who are sick and/or needy.

Warm clothing and bedding for babies, quilts for the aged or ill, books for the disadvantaged, essentials and household goods for those who have lost everything in floods, house fires, or due to job loss; these are just some of the need we assist with. You can help.

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All snuggled up in his warm outfit

Relief Share is thrilled to have received a donation of preemie clothing from Little Italy Kids
of a gorgeous baby girl and baby boy outfit for preemies.

These beautiful outfits are made of the softest Peruvian Pima cotton that is hypoallergenic material and easy care wash and wear for Mom’s convenience. Preemie babies skin is very delicate, and the material these outfits are made from are comfortable and soft for baby to wear.

The pretty pastel colors that the outfits are made from are a lovely baby pink and baby blue colors to go with most baby accessories available on the market.

The finish work on the outfits is exceptional.

The sweet little girl’s romper has beautiful bullion roses embroidered on its white collar with soft white gathered batiste cotton ruffles on the wrists and ankles. There are snaps at the crotch of the little girl’s outfit for changing diapers and pink snaps down the back of the romper for quick and easy dressing.

The little preemie boy’s footie outfit is the softest blue cotton knit with a white collar and trim down the front.

There are snaps all the way down the front and down each leg for easy dressing and diaper changes and the collar and sleeves has delicate crocheted scalloped lace edges. There is a stitched pocket on the front of the romper.

Beautiful little preemie girl outfit is so soft and sweet.

The fit of these outfits are perfect for preemies, with the neckline fitting properly and not gaping.

Relief Share donates to sick and needy babies in hospitals, crisis centers, homeless shelters and to families that are struggling to deal with crisis in their homes, whether due to illness, domestic abuse, disaster or other crisis. These two particular outfits are going to the hospital OB unit for sick and/or needy babies.

A huge thank you to Little Italy Kids for the donation and also to the artists who created the lovely reborn baby dolls we used in our pictures to show off these beautiful outfits.

This preemie outfit is the perfect fit!

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Beautiful high quality premium embroidery floss donated by

Relief Share volunteers are so excited to be working with quality premium embroidery floss on our charity projects. just donated 210 skeins of 100% cotton floss and mercerized, approx. 70 different rainbow colors – 3 of each color.  The embroidery floss is excellent quality and perfect for our items we make to donate.

When we are making the comfort teddy bears and stuffed animals, we use embroidery floss to put on the faces.  Buttons cannot be used because they are a choking hazard and the embroidered happy faces are soft when little ones snuggle up to them.  We also love to make friendship bracelets with the floss and donate them to the emergency room for teens or younger children to put a smile on their face when they are in pain or dealing with trauma.  Anything we can do to make a difficult time better for sick and needy children is great and we are thrilled to have such nice supplies to work with.

This embroidery floss and wonderful to smock with when we make the little gowns for the babies in the NICU.  Sometimes the gowns are for the little ones who are growing, getting healthier and going home, and sometimes the gowns wind up being used for infant demise burial layettes. These special little angels only need one last gown, bonnet and blanket to be snuggled in at they go home to Heavenly Father, and it is nice for grieving parents to have the personal touch of embroidery and tatted lace on the memorial items in these cases.

If you would like to purchase your own set of Miragoods embroidery floss, you can get it here:
Amazon listing for floss

Miragoods makes other craft items and supplies. You can visit them on facebook at

Here is our Youtube video for this wonderful donation, sharing the colors and ideas to use them for:


A fun way to be organized and efficient when taking supplies to charity work meetings or to a friends house to work together on projects!

Relief Share home office has something wonderful to share with all our volunteers who are on the go.

Our new craft and yarn carry-all from Miragoods was donated to us in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and we love it.

Watch the video to see why: Click here for the Youtube video from President Carol Green

This yarn storage bag is made with beautiful lilac pattern, high quality PVC coating, includes lots of storage pockets and an additional pouch for extra space and and has a detachable shoulder strap. You can purchase it here:

We are quite excited about this product. The bag holds quite a lot of supplies and the extra pouch allows us to stay organized. Its’ zipped closure will keep sharp sewing accessories safe and knitting needles together. There is also one zipped pocked inside the bag, so the needles could be stored there, too, for extra safety. The exterior layer of the bag itself is of PVC coating to keep items safe from moisture or spills from water or beverages.

We love sharing fun, pretty, and economical ways to keep all of our charity volunteers effective and happy. What kind of a tote or carrying bag do you use for craft and charity projects? Be sure to share with us your thoughts with an email to

Keep putting your “Love in Action” for the sick and the needy! You are what makes miracles happen, and we love YOU for it!


Relief Share donates a lot of items to the sick and needy, including the homeless and those in crisis centers. When we are given review items, we can donate them out to where they are needed the most.

Amsana hydration fanny pack

Here is the review on the #amsanahydrationfannypack.

“A great way to stay hydrated during your hike or outdoor activity, this Amsana Hikers and Runners Hydration Belt is very well made with high quality materials, it is super lightweight and has TWO not just one hydration bottle. The fanny pack area is generous to store snacks, money or credit cards (if needed) medicine or bug bite ointment or more. The waist band is made of wide high quality webbing to adjust for most any waist so if you want to transfer to another person during the day, it’s easy. It has a large clip that makes the belt secure.  We are very impressed with the water resistant material it is made out of and as a seamstress, we carefully examined the construction and seaming. The bias binding on the edges of the fanny pack area make it sturdy to last for a lot of use, and the wide elastic holders for the water bottles are quick and easy to use.”

Another item that many of the people we donate to need: An efficient way to get rid of pests like spiders and mice:
“MouseGuard disposable glue traps will get the pests that regular snap traps don’t catch. These are pretty simple to use, set them down in traffic areas where you now that the pests like mice and insects go and wait for mother nature to handle the rest. These traps are non-toxic, non-poisonous, odorless and easy and simple to use. There are four glue traps in this package – they come already baited. I got these for a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. If you want a solution to your pest problems, this is a quick and easy one to use. We have caught huge spiders in these traps – no mice yet, but we are always hopeful. Just getting rid of the spiders was enough to make me a very happy camper! Thanks MouseGuard!”

Now here is a product that is for all our volunteers who knit, crochet and sew too much! This is for the CopperJoint Compression Elbow Sleeve, #1 Copper Infused Fit Support – Recovery GUARANTEED – Wear Anywhere:

Copper elbow sleeve

President Carol Green said: “I am very impressed with this product right down to the box it came in – very professionally designed with lots of pertinent information, discount coupons, free downloads to reports with much needed correlating information and it simply made me feel they knew what they were talking about and gave me confidence in the product. I am from Missouri – results count, SHOW ME, so the first thing I did was put the compression sleeve on. Oh my gosh…it….feels….GOOD! I have had problems with my right elbow for a number of years. It’s not so bad now that I still wear the brace on it but sometimes it still aches. The sleeve actually makes it feel better and it doesn’t itch, even after wearing it for a while. I can comfortably do what I normally do while I am wearing it and I can wear it all day and night if I want to. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an unbiased and honest review and so glad I did. The elbow sleeve stops the ache, is very comfortable, and I can keep working without having to stop to rest. Now I can keep working on the charity projects and not experience as much ache and fatigue, in fact, I can work longer and the sleeve is helping with circulation and to heal my arm! I love it. I wish all the volunteers could have at least one of these!”

Read more about the elbow sleeve here:


Pest Traps

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Relief Share loves the babies we profide for and are happy to share excellent products that are good for God’s tiniest children without all the chemicals.  There are three products we want to share with you – Diaper Rash Ointment, Stretch Mark Ointment and Dry Skin relief Ointment.  They are made by a company called Mom with 11 Kids.  We found the products to be wonderful and are pleased to recommend them to you.  These ointments all start with the name “No Time For” and that is why we use them.  We need our time for hugging, playing, cuddling and snuggling and have no time for babies crying from diaper rash, etc.

Mom of 14 kids - ointments for diaper rash, stretch marks and dry skin.

The Diaper Rash Ointment is the first one we tested and we loved it.  When you put some on your fingers – the warmth of your skin melts the product into a wonderful moisturizing and healing barrier.  Under the ointment barrier, skin heals and on top of the barrier, liquid is repelled.  There are no  chemicals, parabens, alcohol or fragrances in the ointment, just healthy natural healing ingredients such as calendula, comfrey, and Thuja Occidentalis.  No worries about sensitive skin, I have sensitive skin and put some on my arm and left it there for a while to see if redness or stinging would develop.  There was no negative reaction, just smoother soft skin in the area applied.

The Dry Skin Intensive Nourishing Baby Butter is simply dreamy.  The best time to apply this is after baby’s bath so it locks in the moisture and glides on effortlessly.  You will notice your own hands a lot softer and feeling better. I saw that a cut I had on my finger stopped hurting. A little goes a long way, just use a small amount that you have warmed between your hands to massage in to your little one.  Guaranteed giggles and smiles.  This ointment actually promotes healthy skin cells and is made with  cotton seed oil, organic beeswax, jojoba oil, mango butter, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil and chamolile oil – the best list of ingredients anywhere for this type of ointment.

The No Time for Stretch Marks intensive repair and diminishing therapy ointment is a little thicker consistency than the other two.  I flipped the container over to read the ingredients and saw: Cotton Seed OIl, Beeswax, Jojoba Seed Oil, Silver Oxide, Chamomile oil, Kokum butter, cocoa butter, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, squalane oil from olives and Argan oil.  This ointment quickly goes to work to diminish the appearance of stretch marks.  Massage the ointment into affected areas a couple of times a day consistently and you will see nature go to work to repair and nourish damaged skin.

These three tins of natural ointment would make a wonderful gift for your favorite new mom.  They are available at


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Relief Share has a number of volunteers who are older and have problems seeing things like threading needles or reading the instructions in a pattern. It is a pain to have to carry around an extra magnifying glass to have handy, and you have to dig in your purse to find it.

Iphone case with a hidden magnifying glass!

Look what we found!!!  This is a Magnifying Glass iPhone 6 Case by MagnifEYEr.  We LOVE the built in magnifying glass in this iphone case. There are so many times we are out in public and stuck, not being able to see the fine print or details on something – even trying to get out a splinter is problematic. With this really well built stylish iphone case, we are always prepared. We love the sleek design, no one would figure out there was a magnifying glass in there, if we didn’t tell them, and it is very sturdy and well made so we don’t have to worry about breaking it. When we are finished using the magnifying glass, it just slides back in the case.

Now that you know it exists – you might want to go get one!  Amazon carries them.

Another thing that excites our Relief Share volunteers is the goodies we like to snack on while we work for the sick and needy on quilts, crocheted hats, knitted cocoons and baby items.  One of the items we received was Vanilla Bean Powder.  We have never smelled or tasted anything this good! Here is a review that was written for it:

Delicious Vanilla Bean Powder

“Oh my goodness.  Just rip open the top of this package of vanilla bean powder and smell heaven.  There is nothing like it.  What a delicious mellow scrumptious aroma, I can’t get enough of it.  The Vanilla beans that were grown for this product were in an environment without pesticides or chemicals, just tender loving care.  On the package it says that the beans were ground just before packing so we get them as fresh as possible.  I couldn’t resist that warm buttery smell, I had to try it NOW. I made a cup of ovaltine and put in a rounded tsp of vanilla bean powder and topped it off with yummy organic milk.  I wasn’t sure if the powder was going to stir in very well but it practically melted into the chocolatety goodness.  Oh my gosh, I have now found my new got-to-have comfort drink. Try it, you’ll love it. I got this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  This truly is the best vanilla bean powder I have ever had the good luck to come across.  It tastes even better than it smells! Like I said…heaven!  I promised my daughter I would share with her.  I can see pretty quickly I will be ordering more!”

We agree! This IS the best!  We use it in our drinks now and love it.  Re: pm05c93d6a5840edf0b8993e944f0fc09e

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Relief Share reviews quality products and shares them with our blog readers so you will know where to find items you may be looking for. The best part? We are allowed to keep the items we review so they may be used for Relief Share charity work or donated out to those who may be in need of them.

We really enjoyed reviewing this item. It has many uses with the variety of tasks we find ourself engaged in. You can purchase it on Amazon

Jaway Tool has really impressed with it’s high quality precision set. Everything is well thought out and in the right place. The clasp on the case slides open to allow access to a beautifully balanced metal handle that the bits slide into. Sheer genius created a swing forward presentation of the tips you will want to use – they stay put and it is quick and easy to get the right precision top to slide in the base, making work faster and more efficient, especially with the swivel end on the handle, allowing constant pressure as you work. I love that the tips are lightly magnetized so they seat well and stay in place. When you are finished you simply slide the tip out and put it away, swing the tips back in place and return the gold beautifully designed handle to its resting place, close the cover and slide the clasp back in place. The case is compact and can be slid into your pocket for easy access for the next job. I recieved this excellent quality screw bit driver tool kit in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I find it to be more than expected and all that was promised. The tool kit even includes Includes pentalobe bits for iPhone and MacBook and was made to repair most handheld electronic devices, wristwatches, laptops, cameras and eyeglasses. It is now a go-to staple in my home and office. A+

Stylus to use for our Relief Share Kindle

These bright colored styluses are fun and wonderful to use on our Relief Share Kindle. Very responsive Precision Touch Stylus. The have sturdy metal clips that won’t snap and break like plastic ones.The tips are soft silicone and durable so they don’t rip or tears. These are great to take notes and sketch patterns and they don’t leave scratches or fingerprints. We love the bright colors, especially the gold and silver metallic colors. They are lightweight so there is no fatigue from using a heavier stylus, they also fit into the pocket without weighing it down. We received this set of stylus at a discount in return for an honest and unbiased review. They are approx 4 1/2″ long and fit nicely in our hands.

Reference ID: pmd6e7bd3aca35a70c3191f2c7f1b485e8

Wonderful go-to count for car or desk from Ramkon

This Ramkon Car Mount Holder is a very versatile useful tool. I can quickly install it in the car in the CD slot with no tools to be ready almost instantly to hold my iphone for GPS readings. It is strong and durable, and can stand up to a lot of use. When plans change, and in a busy lifestyle – they do, it takes just seconds to grab the Ramkon and switch it to another vehicle and be off to go get our Relief Share donations made at the hospital.

It is good looking and stylish, a universal black that goes well with anything and with it being portable and lightweight, that makes it a must have. I also discovered that it makes a really good stand for my iphone to use on my desk if I am multi-tasking to be able to facetime and keep working on the computer without interrupting what I am doing, and if I need to pick up the phone to go get something, I simply pick up the holder and start walking – conversation still continuing and show the volunteer on the phone the baby blankets and cocoons we are talking about – and then return to my desk to put the holder and phone down and work hands free again. I am really loving the convenience, freedom and versatility of this great Ramkon car mount/holder.

Here is the disclosure – We recieved this item at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This is how Relief Share gets many of the items we need at a price we can afford. We like to share good news, too. pm610bdb893d576f439c67175e91587676

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Relief Share was really looking forward to this Voltmate 60W 8-port #wallcharger getting here. If you saw the desk, you’d know why. We did a review of it so others can get one if they like what they see. Check it out

Voltmate #wallcharger

If you are struggling with trying to get your Kindle charged (where we keep all our patterns and Relief Share information), smart phone (for the calls from the hospital letting us know they are out of baby quilts and items….again), camera (for the darling pictures of all the fun things the volunteers have made to donate), and other USB devices – you might want to see about getting the Volmate. It charges really fast and keeps all the cords and electronics in one place.

Another nice thing about doing reviews and posting them is the company GIVES the items to us for FREE so we can use them in the office area or donate them out to those who need them. Keep your eyes peeled for the review of a darling stuffed bunny called Harry – he is going to be donated to the hospital emergency room as a comfort toy as soon as the review is written and posted.

We know reviews are a new ‘thing’ on our Relief Share blog but it is just another way for us to get items that are needed – it is especially good when funds are low (like always LOL). People are more willing to donate their time, donate supplies or make something to be donated out than they are to send money or donate through Paypal. The reviews area a way to get needed items without much cost, other than time spent doing reviews for them.

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From time to time Relief Share reviews products that we recommend to our volunteers, donors and blog readers that are purchased on Amazon. When you buy products on Amazon – did you know that a percentage of your purchases can be donated to Relief Share to help the sick and needy we serve? Sign up for Amazon Smile at   When you go to amazon to purchase anything, change the “www” to “smile”.

The product we are reviewing today is Perennial Essentials Face Moisturizer, it is made in Ohio, organic & 100% Natural and a moisturizing cream for sensitive, oily or severely dry skin.

What a delightful face moisturizer. When we opened the jar, we smelled it and found it had a light fragrance from the essential oils. We LOVE the consistency of the moisturizer – it is like mousse and feels really good when you put it on. It absorbed immediately, leaving a silky feeling and not greasy at all. Our skin feels wonderful and soft after using the moisturizer.

This is the listing on Amazon:
Sold by Barn Treasures and Fulfilled by Amazon.
MADE IN OHIO – 100% All Natural – Rejuvenates skin – Relieves dry skin – Hydrates
INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water,Aloe Vera Leaf Juice,Sunflower Seed Oil,JoJoba Oil, Meadfowfoam Seed Oil,Steraic Acid,Soy Oil,Emulsifying Wax,Vegetable Glycerin,Palmitic Sorbate,Essential Oils,Vitamin E,Potassium Sorbate,Vitamin C,Citric Acid,Rosemary Oil
Relieve sore skin rashes and blemishes
Rejuvenates the skin, relieves redness and hydrates the skin
100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy, the owner states: My wife and friends use this daily and love it. We don’t just sell it , we use it ourselves.

The most comfortable ring you will ever wear.

Another product that we love is the MOOVE RING – you can read more about it at

It is about just what the title says – MOVE  ring.  This wonderful high quality silicone ring is for active people.  The most comfortable ring you will ever wear.  #moovering

This is a high quality silicone ring with tapered edges for comfort.  The ring comes in a professionally packaged cloth bag for storage – a very nice free gift that is important to stop folks from laying the ring down when they take it off and forget where they left it. Now they can take it off, put it in the Moove bag, and hang it on a hook in the bathroom – thanks Moove, you thought of everything!  With the bag and the ring is a very nice well written insert with pertinent information regarding the new comfortable medical grade silicone ring, including information folks need to know on care of their ring.

Disclosure: We received  the products mentioned in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we use personally and believe will be good for our readers. Reference ID: pm3e96fce5defac50838cbda1179e5cbd5  pm906a7cf4657ab3f2f031889a0ed25057

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