We Believe...

..that the solution to inequality, pain, suffering, and lack in the world is ‘those that have’ sharing willingly from the heart with ‘those that have not’ who are sick and/or needy.

Warm clothing and bedding for babies, quilts for the aged or ill, books for the disadvantaged, essentials and household goods for those who have lost everything in floods, house fires, or due to job loss; these are just some of the need we assist with. You can help.

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Beautiful high quality premium embroidery floss donated by

Relief Share volunteers are so excited to be working with quality premium embroidery floss on our charity projects. just donated 210 skeins of 100% cotton floss and mercerized, approx. 70 different rainbow colors – 3 of each color.  The embroidery floss is excellent quality and perfect for our items we make to donate.

When we are making the comfort teddy bears and stuffed animals, we use embroidery floss to put on the faces.  Buttons cannot be used because they are a choking hazard and the embroidered happy faces are soft when little ones snuggle up to them.  We also love to make friendship bracelets with the floss and donate them to the emergency room for teens or younger children to put a smile on their face when they are in pain or dealing with trauma.  Anything we can do to make a difficult time better for sick and needy children is great and we are thrilled to have such nice supplies to work with.

This embroidery floss and wonderful to smock with when we make the little gowns for the babies in the NICU.  Sometimes the gowns are for the little ones who are growing, getting healthier and going home, and sometimes the gowns wind up being used for infant demise burial layettes. These special little angels only need one last gown, bonnet and blanket to be snuggled in at they go home to Heavenly Father, and it is nice for grieving parents to have the personal touch of embroidery and tatted lace on the memorial items in these cases.

If you would like to purchase your own set of Miragoods embroidery floss, you can get it here:
Amazon listing for floss

Miragoods makes other craft items and supplies. You can visit them on facebook at

Here is our Youtube video for this wonderful donation, sharing the colors and ideas to use them for:


Be still my heart! This is pure perfection!

Relief Share volunteers and donors love helping the sick and needy babies and we love all babies, of all kinds.

Yesterday there was a darling wee baby boy born at over 7 pounds and his wonderful Mommy let us take pictures of a beautiful blanket and baby washcloths that were made by Sue B. that had just arrived in the mail, yesterday too.

Both arrivals, baby and beautiful handmade knitted donations were perfect for each other so we took pictures and wanted to show how wonderful it is and how happy it made the new Mommy, baby, and Relief Share volunteers.

Talk about precious, talk about perfection….here is what we all love so much and work hard for….

Thank you so much, Sue – every stitch was done very well, the blanket is soft, snuggly and warm and the washcloths are perfect for burp cloths, cleaning up baby and super soft for baths. Love and hugs to you for sharing your time, talents and love with our Relief Share babies :-)

Thanks also to Holly Cooper for delivering our special delivery donation to the special delivery at the hospital yesterday. It takes all of us, working together, to make miracles happen!

Volunteer, Holly - she is our special Relief Share angel that makes things happen!


Paying it forward in memory of Carment Faith Huskilson

This beautiful handstitched gown was donated to Relief Share in memory of 5 year old Carmen Faith Huskilson who died on January 12, 2016. A huge thank you to Romelda N who created this beautiful tiny gown for a very special preemie baby. If you would like to read more about the “pay it forward” tribute to Carmen… click here

Relief Share has donated 4 beautiful complete baby layettes – 2 for little newborn girls and 2 for little newborn boys to a crisis center for the sick and needy on Carmen’s behalf. These baby layettes each have a handmade baby quilt, baby clothing, receiving blankets, bibs, socks, hand crochet and knit hats, pacifiers, burp cloths, baby hygiene products, a tiny bible in pink or blue, depending on the gender of the layette set and more.

To go to Carmen’s facebook page.. click here


A huge THANK YOU to the sweet gentleman who saw me buying stuffed toys and comfort toys for the sick and needy children in hospital today. I was in Shetlers in Cabool,Missouri checking out, and he gave me money to help.

I am so grateful! I don’t know his name but I just wanted to let everyone know that Angels walk among us, and he is one of them!

Carol Green
Relief Share

Comfort toys are so important to the children in the hospital and in the ambulances!


WOW! Relief Share volunteers took so many things to the hospital to the OB unit and emergency unit – It feels good to get the sick and needy the help they need. Let’s see…..there were baby quilts, crocheted afghans, booties, hats, onesies, sleepers, snugglers, comfort toys, layette sets, teddy bears, dollies and dinky cars, coloring books, hair accessories, scarves, headbands, baby rattles, bottles, baby hygiene items, pacifiers, books, and a lot more.

A massive thank you to everyone who makes miracles happen.

Some of our Relief Share family donates money to buy the coloring books, crayons, food, clothing, and essentials. Some of our RS volunteers spend hours and hours sewing, knitting, crocheting, tatting, serging, smocking and creating much needed items. There are other marvelous volunteers that hit all the sales and ship beautiful brand new baby coats and clothing, and yet other volunteers that spend their time taking the donations to where they are needed the most.

We love each and every one of you! Thank you so very very much!



Relief Share efforts this Thanksgiving were prayed over and intensive, such a blessing to so many people. It took dedicated volunteers in three states, but many families received donations given to them with love. For privacy and security’s sake, we don’t mention names.

A family with many beautiful children was grateful for the food provided. The sweet mother was careful to pick healthy items that her family needed, she is so precious and loves her family very much. I knitted her a baby cocoon for the little one who will show up right away. Their children are so sweet and have such good manners. I am so glad their tummies will be filled this Thanksgiving, because of generous donations from loving volunteers, and especially one very kind and precious donor!

In Arizona, there were other families who received needed food. One person, in particular, stands out in my mind. They have severe health problems and their diet is very restricted, but they love fruit and just can’t afford it. Our volunteer who lives near them, made sure they got a wonderful big fruit basket, filled with their favorites. There were other families in the San Tan Valley area near Phoenix, Arizona, who needed food and Relief Share volunteers took care of that. Everyone was so grateful and I am passing along their thank yous to the unsung heroes who made it possible.

In Idaho, Relief Share volunteers were able to bless a small mountain community, way up in the mountains. Relief Share volunteers that live in the area, drove hours down the mountain and back to get food for these families and take it to them. One of the families lives in a small camper trailer, they are expecting. They don’t have a car so they walk to church and walk to the store (even in the snow). They are both hard workers, during wood season they hand cut and split firewood to make money and are doing all they can to survive but it is so hard for them. Other families who are experiencing hardship were given food and it was touching to find out that even with as little as they have, they will be sharing with their neighbors – that is just the kind of wonderful loving people they are in that community.

In Missouri we decided to help through donations of comfort toys, as the need for food this Thanksgiving was being taken care of through the local food pantry, who Relief Share regularly donates to, to help with their charity efforts. The comfort toys are brand new stuffed animals that we purchased from a discount store in the area and they have been donated to the hospital emergency room, OB unit, ambulances and other places who help sick and needy children.

May God bless you as you bless others!

A VERY happy Thanksgiving to you!

Hugs and love
Carol Green


So much fun, snuggles and cuddles.  Our Relief Share volunteers just delivered a large donation of stuffed teddy bears, coloring books and crayons, blankets and comfort toys to Texas County Emergency room for the ER staff to calm sick children with and the ambulances to give to children in crisis to help a rough situation turn into a do-able one for the babies and children treated.

Donations of toys and coloring books given to the hospital

Coloring books are purchased – usually from the Dollar Tree as that is where we get the nice big coloring books for the lowest prices. Crayons have been purchased from WalMart – prices are lower because of the back to school sales. We take the .25 packages of 24 crayons and re-seal them into 4 crayons per pack and then tape them with box tape on the front of every coloring book so we can make our donation budget stretch further.

There is a store here in Cabool, Missouri called Shetlers where we can purchase lovely stuffed animals and toys for a very discounted price. It is hit and miss, sometimes they have nothing for weeks and then…bingo…we hit the jackpot!  We RARELY get money donated to Relief Share so were thrilled when a donation came in from Ray Cox, a wonderful sweet veteran, to purchase the items needed recently.

We do have fundraisers – flea market booths donated by H & K Flea Market in Houston, Missouri and use the local buy/sell/trade lists to generate funds or purchase what is needed.  Items for the booths come from the homes of some of our volunteers that know we need to purchase supplies and have little money to work with.  We are so grateful for their help. It takes everyone doing their little bit to make a great big whole – or in other words, our synergy creates miracles for the sick and needy children and their families we serve.

If you would like to help, please send your donations of NEW items for the hospital emergency room to Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd., Houston, MO 65483-2225 The hospital takes only new toys, but Relief Share also takes gently used toys to distribute to individuals and families.  Accepted with love and donated with prayers :-)


Fall is coming and that means babies need snuggling in warm baby quilts.  Relief Share volunteers are having a ball making soft cute quilts for little ones to be welcomed in to the world with.

Baby quilts made by Relief Share volunteers for sick and needy babiers.

Relief Share is thrilled that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) sisters made 6 baby quilts at the activity night on Tuesday.  One baby blanket was given out right at the meeting to a sister to take for a little baby girl soon to be born. It was a cute Winnie the Pooh quilt tied with bright pink yarn. The quilts were made by Jan Stice, a long time Relief Share volunteer who is proficient at making gorgeous quilts, the sisters in attendance tied all the baby quilts to get them ready for donations out to the sick and needy.

Jan Stice was instrumental in Relief Share donating 450 twin size quilts over the space of 4 years to the St Louis Shriners Childrens hospital and also 30 quilts donated to the chemo unit at the West Plains Hospital in Missouri.

President Carol Green took 5 of the baby quilts directly from the meeting to the maternity ward at Texas County Memorial Hospital.  They were delighted to get them for their sick and needy babies born at the hospital.

Would you like to help?  Baby quilts are 36 x 45 and toddler quilts are 45 x 60.
You can help by :
a.  Making and donating a baby quilt (or more)
b.  Sewing the top for a baby quilt and we will put a back and batting on it and finish it
3. Donate supplies to make baby quilts – fabric, batting, yarn, etc
4. Donate to Relief Share through Paypal  - send a paypal payment to and we will purchase needed supplies for the quilts.  Remember that no one at Relief Share is paid, ALL of us are volunteers and every penny goes directly to the needs of the sick and needy.

Our address is Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd,, Houston, MO 65483-2225.  We are non profit charity, registered with the IRS.  Please include your mailing address so we can send you a thank you and a tax deductible receipt.

Feel free to encourage your church groups, community groups or even family to make and donate baby quilts to keep little ones snuggly and warm.  While we LOVE donations for the babies and their families, we also strongly encourage you to do charity work right in your own community.  If everyone simply reached out to those in need in their own areas – there would be no more lack in the world…only love :-)


Relief Share donations were delivered today as a very special delivery to honor one of our most precious volunteers, Yvonne Brogdon Fink. After a long battle with cancer, her funeral was on Friday.

She loved to donate to the emergency room here in Houston, MO and give comfort toys and coloring books to the children in the waiting room. Today there were 4 children in the waiting room that received donations because of her. I hope she was watching from heaven  :-)

Relief Share volunteers also took a box of stuffed animals for the ambulance to give to children in medical crisis and a large donation (not everything is shown here) to the obstetrical department for new babies and moms that are sick or needy.

Everything was done in memorium to one of God’s kindest and greatest daughters – Vonnie loved to bless others and had a marvelous humanitarian heart. <3   Gone, but never forgotten – we love you Vonnie, now and forever. <3 We would say ‘rest in peace’ but knowing you there is a huge party going on in heaven and everything thoroughly enjoying your vivacious presence!  We miss you.


Relief Share update:

By this time, folks are settling back into normal routines after the busy holiday season.  Fall and Christmas time for Relief Share volunteers was filled with lots of laughter, sharing, joy, caring, quilting, knitting, crochet, sewing and shopping!  Relief Share volunteers donated gifts of love to the sick and needy, along with prayers for their safety, peace and security.

Some of the Relief Share items donated out included toys, clothing, coloring books, pacifiers, knitted hats, blankets, and stuffed animals to the Hospital Emergency room. The maternity ward at the hospitals were given nursing pillows, knitted and crocheted baby cocoons and hats, receiving blankets, outfits, sleepers, onesies, socks, diaper rash ointment, baby shampoo, bottles, pacifiers, diaper bags, and baby accessories.  Medical clinics received baby burial layettes, comfort toys, baby clothing and blankets, dollies, teddies and more.  Individuals needed help with food, clothing, heaters to stay warm, emergency supplies, comfort toys for their children and basic household supplies and goods.

We are so grateful for all of the Relief Share donors and volunteers that made the miracle of giving relief to those in need by sharing of their time, talents and funds. It takes all of us working together to make miracles happen!

By the way, if you come to check on our Relief Share blog and don’t see current posts as frequently as you would like to – come follow us on facebook! Yes, we have a facebook page and try to post fairly regularly there  - we are busy at  our knitting machines, sewing machines, sergers and doing knitting, quilting, crocheting or trying to get enough supplies to be able to meet the needs of those requesting help, but we are never too busy for YOU! :-)   You can always email us at where we check our mail daily and immediately respond.

Clothing for sick and needy babies and children donated out to where it was most needed

Receiving blankets serged and hand made knitted balls for the hospital

Toys for the emergency room.


Did you ever have to go to the emergency room at the hospital?  What was it like?  Let me guess – a long wait, perhaps, feeling pretty awful or in a lot of pain, maybe noticing many others in the waiting room feeling the same way?  It’s worse for the children.  Just think about it.  As adults, we have experienced a lot of pain and trauma in our lives and we tend to grade it according to how awful it was…you know, broken leg is worse than the flu, but a nasty car accident trumps the broken leg.  Well, a child does not have that arsenal of icky memories to judge life from and what they are experiencing is the worst – for them – in their entire short lives.  They have little to calm themselves with as many of them are swamped with fear, pain and panic.

Emergency room visit can be traumatizing for children. Comfort toys can ease their fears.

What if children can be helped to be happy, amid pain and trauma? What if their tears can turn to smiles and calmness replace crying?  Relief Share donors and volunteers create this miracle on a regular basis through donations of comfort toys, soft blankets, coloring books, crayons, clothing, pacifiers and much more.

Relief Share made donations to a hospital emergency room, crisis center and hospital obstetrical unit.  These donation boxes came filled with love and caring.

The hospital was out of pacifiers, but through wonderful donations from special volunteers Terry, Carol and Kate, the hospital now has pacifiers to soothe babies and allow them to save their strength for growth and health instead of crying.

Other donations delivered this week include – ready for this – it’s a long list and a number of trips with filled trucks to where they needed to go:  blankets, baby clothing, shoes, socks, baby seat covers, toys, coloring books, crayons, adult tops and pants, stuffed animals, dishes, flashlights, watercolor sets, food, balloons, balls, toy cars, dolls, teddy bears, stitchery kits for shut ins, warm jackets, hand knitted baby sweaters, hats, baby cocoons, blue jeans, books, stickers, onesies, dresses, baby sleepers, receiving blankets, baskets, bibs, burp cloths, bath towels, wash cloths, dish cloths, soap, hygiene items and a lot more.

There were so many grateful recipients, tears turned to smiles, hugs given with boxes filled with essentials, and so many hearts made glad with the efforts of people who care.

Babies in hospital need soft hats and blankets.Our volunteers make and donate them to sick and needy babies.

Relief Share received donations of wonderful fabric, yarn and supplies to make many of the donations that will go out.  We are so grateful for these supplies, we go through a lot of flannel for receiving blankets, baby gowns, comfort toys, etc.  We also go through a ton of yarn that is knitted, crocheted and tatted into baby cocoons, afghans, toys and layettes.

One of the most incredible donations that came in lately is a coverstitch machine that was very much needed.  It allows us to create durable clothing fast with professionally done seams that will hold up to hospital laundry and be soft against baby’s skin.  The coverstitch machine is a huge blessing to volunteers to help them make items faster and better.  We are very grateful for our special Relief Share angel who helped us with this donation.

We are very grateful for all the donations that have come in lately – answers to fervent prayers and a huge blessing to God’s sick and needy.

Do you want to help?  You can, you know.

–Some folks help by donating money through paypal

(you don’t need a paypal account to donate with a credit card) to buy supplies and items for the sick and needy. Note: no one is paid at Relief Share, every cent goes directly to the needs of those who are in crisis in some way.

–Other folks help by cleaning out their closets for a good cause.  You can literally send anything.  There is a place for everything to go and nothing is wasted, it is all used to bless the lives of those who are struggling, young and old, all needing our help.

–Do you like to sew, serge, knit, crochet, tat, or have other skills that you can use to make items to be given to the sick and needy?  Check our facebook page for free patterns and ideas at

All donations are tax deductible as Relief Share is a 501 (c) 3 non profit charity registered with the IRS. We are happy to send you a thank you letter/tax deductible receipt for your donations to help.



Beautiful Precious Moments twin size quilt made for 6 yr old cancer patient by Jan S. and 2 baby quilts from Mary H.


Today Laura and I made a Relief Share donation to SOS Charity in Cabool, Missouri.

This donation was very special. There was a Precious Moments twin quilt for a little 6 yr old girl with cancer (made by marvelous volunteer Jan S) and two smaller comfort snuggle quilts for her brother, who makes the long trip to another state with her for her cancer treatments.

Also included in the delivery was lots of lovely knitted baby cocoons and knitted afghans made by our wonderful volunteer Ann E – whose boxes of donations arrived in the nick of time right before us leaving to take the donation.

There were wonderful hats and scarf sets (ready for winter) made by sweet volunteer Mary H., who also donated 3 of the baby quilts, and a pair of pants donated by volunteer Ashley G, that we’re sure a young mom will be grateful for.

Part of the donation taken to SOS Charity in Missouri by Relief Share for the benefit of the sick and needy

There were many other items included in the delivery – all created with love and given with a prayer for peace and healing for the recipients, young and old, sick or needy.

Thank you to everyone who made the donation today possible. We love you for it.

Carol Green
Relief Share.


Science Has Spoken – Giving Makes You Happy!
By Eve Pearce 

Helping babies makes us happy and makes them happy, too!

Relief Share believes that the true solution to the inequalities and suffering that occurs every day in the world is giving… by sharing toys with children whose parents may have lost everything in a natural disaster, bedding with those who who cannot afford to stay warm, quilts to keep the aged cosy, we play a small part in curing social ills which could be eliminated on a collective levels. Interestingly, numerous scientific findings reveal that when we give, we don’t just help the recipients of our donations; we also take our first steps on a journey towards greater personal happiness. These findings should be shared with the world, for they are likely to lead to further giving. In this post, we share important research work on the link between giving and personal joy:

Happiness is a cycle: Researchers, Isen and Levin conducted a study which revealed that people were more likely to help others when they were happy; those in a positive mood were also more likely to lend a helping hand to researchers. Similar observations have subsequently been made with children. In another study, Rosenhan et. al. randomly assigned positive or negative mood states to children by asking them to reminisce, talk and think about specific memories. They were then given some candy and money, which they were told they could give away to other children. While both groups of kids consumed more sweets than the control group, the happy children gave larger amounts of money to other children. As is the case with adults, similar positive mood states (achieved through a sense of competence or success) resulted in greater giving.

Happy people have been found to help others more in many contexts, including the work context: In one study, inexperienced workers with more positive moods and outlooks were found to be more likely to go the extra mile when helping customers by trying hard to find what the customer was looking for, and making a greater effort to provide quality customer service.

Giving also makes us happier: In an excellent report on giving, L. Anik run through the most useful recent studies on the subject. One study mentioned, carried out in 2007 showed that when persons donated money to a food bank, the ventral striatum region of their brain was activated. The This area of the brain is involved in the experience of pleasure and reward, showing that giving does inherently make us happier. In Germany, meanwhile, Meier and Stutzer (2006) showed that those who performed volunteer work had greater life satisfaction. The study is vital because it shows that giving doesn’t always have to be about money. Sharing one’s time by making blankets or toys for needy children, for instance, is an equally important way to make a difference.

Everyone can help!

Giving is good for young and old alike: One particularly touching study involved elderly retired volunteers and infants. In this study, 10 elder volunteers with a mean age of 70 years were asked to massage infants at a nursery three times weekly for a period of three weeks. The elderly were also given massages at other times in the week. The researchers sought to observe the different effects caused by giving and receiving. The scientists found that “immediately after the first- and last-day sessions of giving massages, the elder retired volunteers had less anxiety and depression and lower stress hormones (salivary cortisol) levels. Over the three-week period, depression… decreased and lifestyle and health improved. These effects were not as strong for the three-week period when they received massage.” This is a particularly strong indication of the bond human beings share – the love for children and the need to care for others are almost universal feelings that we can fulfill by giving.

Volunteering and giving keeps awakens us to current problems facing society: When donate blankets, art supplies or toys, or volunteer our time to entertain children or the elderly, we begin to fully realize the vulnerability of the human condition. ‘There, for the grace of God, go you or I’ is a saying many volunteers repeat to themselves when faced with the devastation caused by poverty, HIV, and disease, not only in our area of the world, but in third world countries as well. As we meet other volunteers and patients, we share and discover vital information such as the link between poverty and STDs, heart disease and Type II diabetes; or the devastating child poverty rate, even in so-called affluent countries. In this way, volunteering stops us from turning a blind eye to social problems and opens our eyes to the important role we can play in helping even just one person – with a little help, maybe that one well-fed, warm and happy child will one day change the world.

So….GET HAPPY! Get involved. Clean out your closets for a good cause!

Added to this article by President Carol Green/Relief Share:

Here are some of the items needed – go through the list, pick some, and send them to Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd., Houston, MO 65483-2225. Be sure to include your shipping information so we can send you a tax deductible receipt/thank you letter! We appreciate you!!

Baby Items: diapers, receiving blankets, sleepers, hats, booties, onesies, outfits, pants, tops, socks, swaddlers, baby cocoons, hygiene items (like soap, diaper cream, baby wash, q-tips, cotton balls, washcloths), diaper bags, soft toys, quilts, afghans, etc

Children’s items: clothing, toys, books, coloring books and crayons, videos, hair accessories, video games (these goes to the hospital to keep kids occupied when spending long periods immobilized after surgery), soap, shampoo, conditioner, food (yes, many of our children don’t get enough to eat) – healthy snacks or Wal Mart gift cards for our volunteer shoppers to go get what is needed, such as milk, bread, cheese, oatmeal, basic fruits and vegetables etc. Quilts, afghans, etc

Adult Items: Clothing, quilts, afghans, books, hair items – brushes, combs, curling or straight irons (for women who are in homeless shelters or crisis centers due to domestic violence trying to get ready  to work), hygiene items, washcloths, towels, soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, conditioner, food (basic healthy food items are great, WalMart gift cards for our volunteer shoppers to get what is needed is wonderful, too).  Just think what you would need if you suddenly found yourself homeless and without anything – that is what is needed.

Animals – collars, food, litter, litter boxes, leashes, bedding, toys, flea and tick prevention products.  We help a number of animal shelters with donations of needed items when they are donated in.

Supplies for volunteers to work with to make some of the items needed:

Knitting & Crochet supplies: knitting machines, yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles (addi turbo circular knitting needles in all sizes are a huge blessing for our volunteers to use – if you want to pick a size, the 14″ or 16″ length in size 7 is the most popular but we need the smaller sizes, like 5 and 6 for knitting booties and preemie hats, and larger circ needles for afghans are wonderful as well) We can never have enough knitting needles!  Stitch markers. Yarn winders are really needed right now! Patterns.

Quilting supplies – fabric, thread, needles, templates, patterns, batting, rotary cutters, mats, etc

Sewing Supplies – fabric, scissors, thread, elastic, velcro, lace, binding, embroidery thread, sewing machines, sergers, fabric cutting machines, etc.

Office supplies – paper, labels, price tags (for our flea market booth), post it notes, pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, computers, speakers, printers, copiers, digital cameras.  We have more than one location and when a machine breaks, it slows down the work.

Our dear volunteers and donors:  Thank you for everything you do – from sharing your smile with someone to giving of your time to sew, knit, crochet or simply spread the word.  We love all our volunteers who share their time, efforts, funds and love to make the lives of God’s sick and needy better.  Volunteers unselfishly drive our donations to where they need to go, spend time going to flea markets and yard sales to try to get what is needed to stretch our dollars, people who spend countless hours listing and shipping charity auctions on ebay for us, and wonderful people like Eve Pearce who wrote this article for us to help others understand what it is that Relief Share does to make the world a better place is what makes the miracle of love happen. Thank you so much!




Relief Share donation

Relief Share volunteers have been very active in taking care of the sick and needy this August.  There were city wide garage sales to go to for supplies and new items like coloring books, crayons, toys and clothing.  Many hands make light work and beautiful donations arrived at Relief Share home office to be taken to where they were needed the most.

One of the really fun donations arriving lately were the tiny baby outfits and sleepers with beautifully handmade matching hats!  Thanks to Minerva, for her loving kindness for the little babies we love and serve, she makes gorgeous baby items out of the prettiest colors.

Relief Share volunteers managed to find a business closing out and bought scads of onesies and newborn baby outfits for the hospital maternity unit.  A donated wooden cradle was given to a church nursery for their toddlers. A box of school supplies full pencil crayons, masking tape, stapler, pencils, rulers and coloring crayons went to a local elementary teacher for her class.

Another way that folks help Relief Share get the supplies need is to shop on our Ebay auctions where 100% of the auctions go to Relief Share to help the sick and needy.

Volunteers spend long hours writing auctions, packing auctions and dealing with ebay customers to make sure it is a win/win for everyone involved.

Relief Share has three flea market booths donated for our use.  It takes a lot of work  to fill the booths and keep them tidy and clean.  You will find unusual items in the booths, much of it donated from the founder’s home and their extended family loves to donate items for the booths as well.  Recently a purge of the linen closet yielded up lots of unused sheets that were no longer needed since the kids have grown up and moved away, so they were tagged at $2 a piece and sold at the flea market so folks who needed them in the community could get them for a low price for their families. Not everyone needs a donation, but they can use a little help stretching their budget, so our flea market booth helps with that.

Relief Share donation

Where does it all go?  Who needs our donations?  This week donations were taken to Texas County Memorial Hospital to the maternity wing (baby clothing, bedding and essentials), emergency department (comfort toys, coloring books, crayons, toy cars, etc), a teacher at the Houston Elementary School (school supplies), a local church nursery (a donated wooden cradle for the toddlers), and some individual donations of baby clothing and household goods.

You can help!  Clean out your closets for a good cause and send the boxes and packages to Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225.  We are a 501 (c) 3 non profit registered with the IRS and donations are tax deductible. Please include your name and mailing address in the donations so we can send you a thank you letter/tax receipt along with our gratitude and love.

We enjoy serving Gods tiniest children and their families and love to have you join our Relief Share family!

God bless the hands and hearts who put their love in action

Relief Share donation

Relief Share donation


Folks have asked how we finish the edges of some of our Relief Share receiving blankets. We love to use up everything that is donated in – nothing wasted, so if we have yarn that may not be enough for a blanket or baby cocoon, etc, we can use it on the edges of the receiving blankets.

Here is how we do it.  PS. You can use rayon thread, yarn, crochet cotton, etc with this technique.

1.  Rewind the yarn  on a ball winder to make sure there are no knots and to get the tension even. Trust us – this is an important step, don’t skip it or you will be fighting with your serger in the middle of a project and probably broken thread.

You can see we have two yarn winders – the white one is for smaller balls and the larger metal one can wind up to 4 balls of yarn on one spool.  The white yarn winder is quiet, and the large one can get loud but is so convenient when dealing with larger amounts of  yarn.

2.  Replace the thread in the upper looper with the yarn (3rd position over from the left).  It is easier to change the thread for the yarn if you cut the thread just above the spool, before it enters the serger, then tie the yarn to the thread and pull it through it all the way to the looper. Cut the knot and thread the looper with the yarn – viola!  Saves time and frustration.

Relief Share yarn winder

Winding yarn on yarn winder

We use thread holders for the yarn so there are no problems with tension.

Using a thread holder to serge with yarn.

3. Tension settings are set to 3 for needles and upper and lower loopers. Adjust your differential feed if you need to so there are no puckers.

4. Cut your flannel in 1 yard pieces so you have 44/45″ x 36″ blankets.

5. Fold the flannel in half and then in half again the other way so all 4 corners lay on top of each other and placing a bread plate on the corner, cut with a rotary cutter to round the corners. You can cut each corner individually, but this is a quick way to cut all 4 corners at the same time.

6. Serge the receiving blanket in one continuous edging, going slow around the corners and pulling slightly with the left hand and no tension on the right so your corners are nice and even. This takes a little bit of practice. If you don’t have the tension on the fabric correctly when doing the corners, the serging will go off the edge and you will have to do the corners over again. Once you get the hang of it, you can make receiving blankets very quickly with this technique.

7. When you get to the beginning of where you started serging the receiving blanket get, keep serging over the beginning for an inch, stop the serger and flip the fabric upsidedown, then serge for another two inches on the underside of the fabric to catch the stitches so they will hold. Cut the serger tail off.

Here are a few of our receiving blankets we did today for donations out:

Relief Share receiving blankets

Relief Share receiving blankets - cute little frogs with rayon thread edging

Darling little fairies on flowers with baby fingering yarn in peach on the edge.


Relief Share donation of coloring books, art supplies and more to the hospital.

The Many Benefits of Art for Children
 -this article was contributed by Evelyn Greening.

Relief Share volunteers recently sent a plethora of books, coloring books and crayons to a hospital emergency room in Houston, with the aim of keeping children entertained and helping them feel as good as possible during their hospital stay. Every toy, resource and type of materials lends its own brand of magic to children and heals the soul in a very particular way. In this post, we focus on the plentiful benefits of art for children, whether they are simply talking about artwork in books, creating their own little masterpieces or coloring in the lively illustrations in a book. In many ways, art is much more than a distraction; it is a form of therapy.

One of the reasons art is thought to help with depression is that enables those suffering from this condition to distance themselves from their problems and to see that there are many ways of expressing to the same thing, or indeed, reacting to the same event, situation or person. This lends a note of positivity to their lives, since they often come to see that life offers many choices, each of which has the potential to lead to happiness.

  • Art helps patients deal with pain: A recent study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal found that cancer patients who took part in creative arts therapy showed moderate-to-great improvement in dealing with pain and in quality of life, and modest improvement in dealing with anxiety and depression. It is no wonder that art therapy is a popular choice in everywhere from centers for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, to rehabilitation clinics for those who are trying to rid themselves of an addiction to alcohol or harmful substances. One of the biggest challenges for hospital and rehabilitation patients alike, is pain and anxiety. The recently published study showed that the arts can play an important role even in standard hospital settings, and reduce or eliminate the need for pain or anxiety medication, thereby increasing a patient’s sense of autonomy and banishing the sense of vulnerability or dependence that so often accompanies a hospital or rehabilitation stay.
  • Art helps children express their emotions: Children who are undergoing Post traumatic Stress Disorder, or who are grieving, can find it difficult to express their feelings or describe unpleasant or painful events. Art can be a vehicle for children to express their views, and connect with hospital staff or carers. Sculpture, for instance, is an excellent way for children to use touch to express feeling, and to create symbols they be unable to express with words.
  • Art increases a child’s self-confidence: Children who lack self-confidence can see themselves in a new light through art; since there are so many genres and means of expression, that special moment when a child finds one art form they feel connected to or talented at, can be a defining moment in their lives. Artwork can also help children discover a new talent they were unaware they possessed.
  • Art fosters social interaction: Children who are shy can find an excellent opportunity to socialize with other children in a non-threatening environment. Their nurses, carers or parents may suggest that children work on a mutual drawing or mind map together, or create a collage focused on a particular theme. Children who normally keep quiet in a classroom or typical social setting will find an excellent chance to assert themselves and exercise their power of choice. Others will find that they can use a common project to exercise leadership skills for the first time in their lives.
  • Art provides a sense of continuity: For many children who are seriously ill, the fear of being forgotten or of leaving no lasting legacy behind, can be overwhelming. Creating a beautiful work of art, through photography, illustration painting or sculpture, helps them create something that is eternal and immensely personal all at once.
  • Art introduces children to new cultures: Children can learn about exciting traditions from all around the world, by recreating or reinterpreting traditional artistic symbols. Art classes are also an excellent manner for kids to learn about the great Masters – their incredible life stories and the important legacies they have left behind.
  • Art helps the mind reach its full potential: Most school skills are focused on stimulating the left side of the brain (which involves cognitive skills). Art exercises the right side of the brain, enabling children to enjoy a more balanced education.

Relief Share volunteers have been knitting, crocheting, tatting, sewing, serging, embroidering, shopping and working hard to make sure the needs of those in crisis who are sick or indigent are met.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let the following picture write a book for you :-)

All of these items have been donated out to the Emergency Room at the hospital, 2 Medical Clinics, 2 Churches, 1 Food Pantry, 1 Old Folks Home, and various families for their children.  A huge thank you to all the donors and volunteers who made these miracles happen.

Donations for sick and needy

hand knit baby cocoons and hats, clothing, afghans, etc

warm cuddly baby clothing, hand knitted hats, stockings, kids stickers...

Items for sick and needy babies in hospital.

Did you know that a great percentage of body heat is lost through the scalp? Not with these snuggly hats our Relief Share volunteers made!


Donation for hospital to the emergency room and obstetrical unit.

There are smiles on the faces of Relief Share volunteers and donors when we take donations to the hospital obstetrical unit and emergency room.  It’s fun knowing that a child will grin and giggle over the fun toys, books, and comfort items in the emergency room.  It is also wonderful to know that a baby will get a good start in life with warm clothing and bedding provided by strangers who care and love them.

It is appropriate that the soft toys were donated by  Memories and Dreams in Houston, MO.  Dawn loves to help and is invaluable when it comes to providing for the sick and needy.  The books were donated by caring members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Houston Ward, St Robert Stake, Missouri.

Together we all make a wonderful difference in the lives of God’s neediest children. Thank you to everyone who participated in this donation.


Relief Share volunteers are preparing for the cooler weather by knitting up hats, scarves, mittens and making snuggly blankets and afghans. When the colder weather hits, requests for help come flooding in.

Relief Share donation made by volunteers for the sick and needy

This is a donation that went out today to a crisis center to help the sick and needy cope with falling temperatures. A warm hat can make all the difference for a tiny baby or toddler. Children having to walk to school in colder temperatures really need a warm hat, mittens and scarf.

It is not usually on everyone’s minds, as we are all enjoying the last rays of summer and heading into fall, but it is important to be ready to meet the needs of those who can’t provide for themselves.  Babies and toddlers don’t knit, crochet or sew, but they grow up into adults that can, if they want to. Perhaps the love given to them from strangers as a child will help them continue to create a world filled with sharing, caring, love and peace.

So as we head for the season of ‘peace on earth, good will to all men’ in a few months, lets start in our own homes by making and donating what you can with the skills that you have and sharing.

If you don’t have time to make the items, our volunteers are more than happy to take the supplies you send us to create items to ease the difficulty of children in poverty and sickness.  Together, we can be the difference between a child shivering in the cold, using precious resources just to stay warm, when they need to use their strength to heal and grow.  Reach out today, please help!

Donations can be sent to Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225.  If you would like to make a donation through Paypal, please click the button below.

Have a great day, knowing you made someone else’s day a lot better!


Re-cycled crayons - lotsa fun!

I just spent hours in the kitchen making fun crayons for the church nursery.  If you want to do something fun for your kids or a family in need that has children who like to color, you may consider re-cycling crayons.

I had a large bag of crayons – some broken, paper missing, some okay, some with just chips left.  My Mom taught me “use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”, so I rarely throw anything away (much to my husband’s chagrin) but I do have the neatest quirkiest things to work with when I decide to DIY (do -it yourself) or craft.  At any rate, after homeschooling our 6 children on and off throughout the years, I had a horde of crayon leftovers that Santa would have been envious of.

As luck would have it, I saw something at the local flea market that I thought would be useful and it triggered the notion to re-cycle the crayon leftovers.  What I saw was an alphabet ice cube tray set for $1.  Perfect, I thought, exactly what we need in the church nursery….ABC crayons!  Hmmm, that got me thinking.  I also have silicone molds for stars, hearts and shapes.  I bought the alphabet trays and headed home.  As soon as I got home I got a hold of my daughter who had already made her own crayons for my grandchildren – she used muffin tins. Between the two of us, a couple of webpages on the net, and experimentation, I now have a nice box full of all kinds of fun crayons for church tomorrow.

Want to know how to make them?  Here is what I did.

1.  Lay all the crayons out – if they are near new and whole with the wrapper on, set them aside (I have a large tin of them that I didn’t use set aside now for grandchildren’s visits).

2.  Separate the crayons and bits of crayons into colors.

3.  Using a pin, score the paper wrapper down one side of the crayon all the way through – this will help you remove the wrapper a lot easier without having to peel it off (saves sore fingers).  I was tempted to use an exacto knife but decided I liked my fingers intact, so didn’t in case the knife slipped on the round crayon. The pin worked great.

4.  I used Dixie plastic disposable bathroom cups, because that’s what I had handy, but you can use two small similar size plastic containers of whatever you have at home. Two yogurt containers will work well.  You are going to need 10 to 12 sets of them.  One set for each color.

5. Put water in the bottom of one cup – approx 1/2″.  In the other cup snap the crayons into smaller pieces and fill the cup 1/4 to 1/2 full of pieces.  Don’t put too many in, it gets seriously messy if you do.  (You don’t want to see the inside of one of my microwaves when the blue popped with a pocket of air because I filled it too full – it looks like a Smurf blew up in there).  It does clean up, but who wants a big mess if they can avoid it?!

6. Set the cup with the crayons inside the cup with the water to create a mini double boiler. The hot water helps the crayons melt easier with no hard spots.

7.  Microwave the crayons for 1 minute at a time.  Let it sit for a few more seconds after nuking it so the hot water will help melt the crayons, and then stir.  I used a bamboo skewer to stir with – you can buy a whole pack of a lot of them at Wal Mart for very little money – I already had them in the house handy. Depending on what brand of crayons you use, you may have to microwave them from 1 to 3 times.  Crayola and the cheap brands microwave well. Prang does not – those crayons get gluey and almost refuse to melt – they are too hard.  Do not – I repeat – do not microwave metallic crayons (yeah, don’t ask – just take my word for it, don’t!).

8.  Carefully pour the hot wax crayons into the mold you have chosen – fill it full.  I only filled the mold part way and when I was getting the letters out they broke because they were too thin – imagine how much use they are going to get from the children- make them thick.  Regarding molds:  I really liked the results from using the plastic ice cube molds – the crayons came out bright and shiny, almost like I bought them at the store from Melissa and Doug products.  However, I didn’t really like how they came out when I used the silicone molds because they came out matte and a little dull.  I liked them a lot better using the plastic molds.

9.  Let the crayons cool – it doesn’t take long. I left mine for an hour or two but then I was making crayons for hours so I didn’t pay attention to how long it took to cool.  Oh, do not spray anything in the molds, it will leave a film that interferes with the crayons coloring okay, and it’s not needed.  The crayons will pop right out with no problem.  If you want them to cool faster, stick them in the freezer for a bit.  Gently rap on the counter and the crayons will pop right out.

If you break or chip a crayon or don’t like how it turned out – no problem.  Just re-melt it and do it over.  Voila! Lotsa fun on the cheap using something you didn’t have to go and buy :-)

Carol Green


Relief Share has handled some much needed donations (in and out) for the sick and needy we serve.  We appreciate the wonderful individuals who responded to our plea for help to meet urgent humanitarian needs.

This is a partial list of donations received (some wish to remain anonymous):

A. E. (Connecticut) – 5 boxes.  Yarn, 3 portable knitting machines, crocheted squares.

T. W. (Kansas) – new with tags – baby jackets, outfit, sleepers, onesies socks and baby books

J. Wo. (Texas) – 3 knit material baby hats, 1 crocheted hat, 1 crocheted hat and scarf set, 2 knit hats

C. E. (Missouri) – much needed fabric to help make the 240 twin size quilts for Shriners Childrens Hospital, 27 Santa Hats for Christmas

S. C. (New York) – 3 crocheted baby sweaters, 3 crocheted baby cocoons, 1 knit cocoon, 1 pr crocheted booties, 2 knit sweaters, 40 crocheted hats

L. J. (Florida) -  handmade crocheted cocoon/hat/booties set, fleece cocoon, 2 pr crocheted booties and hat

J. We. (Virginia) – 21 yards of 90″ wide sheeting for quilt backing for the quilts for Shriners Childrens Hospital in St Louis, MO

Cat (Idaho) – handmade crocheted chenille baby blanket

US Cybertek (Missouri) – office supplies and website server space for Relief Share. (Missouri) – donations of items to use for fundraising

H & K Flea Market (Missouri) – donation of 4 flea market booths to use for fundraising for Relief Share

J. S (Idaho) – donation of yarn to make items for sick and needy

S. C. (Idaho) – donation of yarn for volunteer use to create items for humanitarian charity.

N. N. ( Missouri) – baby items

Donations out:

Relief Share has made and donated out 120 of the 240 twin size quilts needed for Shriners Childrens Hospital in St Louis for their sick and needy patients. Some of the quilts are used for patients beds and some are sent home with patients who are in emergent need. Shriners has sent us very nice thank you letters expressing their appreciation of the donations and we pass their thanks on to those who made the miracle of love, in the form of quilts, happen.

Relief Share has also donated to Texas County Memorial Hospital, Mercy Medical Clinic, St Johns Medical Clinic, Mountain Grove Medical Clinic, Texas County Food Pantry, Newborns in Need, a church in Missouri, and individuals in Idaho, Florida, Texas, Missouri and internationally.

Current urgent needs?  Baby items and supplies (diapers, wet ones, shampoo, diaper rash ointment, onesies, sleepers, socks, hats, blankets, quilts, bibs, pacifiers, etc).

Our greatest need for supplies is batting, fabric, yarn, thread and quilting supplies for the quilts for the hospital.  As soon as we finish the rest of the 240 twin size quilts, we have requests for twin and queen size quilts for burnout victims and victims of severe weather disasters.  Lately in Missouri that means severe flooding.  It is devastating to lose everything to flooded homes as the silt and water that fill the homes usually ruins most of what the house contains if the water rises high enough (as has been happening in some of the low water areas).

If you would like to help – please send donations to Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225.  Quite frankly, we take any and all donations as we address such a wide variety of humanitarian needs that there is always a place for everything to go.  If you would like to make a monetary donation, Relief Share has a paypal account – the email for that account is .  We also appreciate money orders, checks and cash as there are some items that our volunteers can’t make and simply must be purchased.  Postage is also a welcome donation.  When a baby dies and only needs one last gown and blanket to be buried in, we usually have very little notice and must ship the burial layette express mail – this is expensive – also devastating if we are low on funds and can’t afford to mail it.  Your donations make sure we are prepared for emergencies.

Questions or comments?  We would love to hear from you –   You can find us on facebook as well at

Thanks again, we love and appreciate all that you do.

Carol Green
Relief Share President


relief share quilts for sick and needy children

Relief Share quilts being made from fabric bought with vase fundraiser.

A huge thank you to Dottie S, who donated her beautiful Fostoria vase to Relief Share when she heard we needed funds to buy fabric to make twin size quilts for Shriners Childrens Hospital.

Relief Share listed the beautiful vase as a charity fundraiser on Ebay.  An ebay buyer, who knows how important charity work is, emailed us with an offer and purchased it.  She paid immediately through paypal.

One of our volunteers, Laura B. , called us to let us know there was a Fabric Liquidation sale  in town.  The sale was only on for two days at rock bottom prices.  The purchase of the vase happened at the perfect time for Relief Share to get the much needed fabric for the twin size patchwork quilts at a good price.

The sale of the vase resulted in yards and yards of wonderful 100% cotton fabric for our compassionate service work!  The Lord blesses those who are doing their best to help others.  We are grateful for the “miracle of the vase”!

Relief Share is making 240 much needed twin size patchwork quilts for sick and needy children who are undergoing medical treatment, including serious surgeries.  We have received generous donations towards this project and since January 1, 2013 have donated 44 twin size quilts but still have 196 more to make.  Each quilt takes approx 12 yards of fabric, 6 yards of batting, thread and yarn.

So, what can one donation do?  With the economy of heaven and the heartfelt work of dedicated volunteers working to maximize donation funds – one donation can do plenty. Just ask the children that will be comforted and snuggled under the patchwork twin size quilts donated to the hospital by Relief Share what your donation means!  Everyone’s efforts make a difference!

Do you want to help with the quilts needed for the children in hospital?  We hope so – we still have a lot more quilts to make.  Please  send fabric to Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225 or send something we can sell to raise the funds to get the batting, thread, fabric and yarn to tie the quilts with.  If you are able, a paypal donation to would be wonderful, too.  We accept all kinds of fabric for the quilts – it doesn’t have to be 100% cotton.  We send a thank you letter/tax deductible receipt for every donation received so be sure to include your name and mailing information.  We are grateful for your help!

Questions? Email us at

Carol Green


Infant demise diapers - for little ones 'gone too soon'. thanks Teeny Tears for their recent donation of diapers that were distributed to Missouri hospitals and charity organizations for the sick and needy. May God bless all their volunteers and donors for their compassionate service work.

Teeny Tears Diapers is a service organization of volunteers that provides tiny flannel bereavement diapers to hospitals and bereavement support organizations at no charge for families that have suffered the loss of a preemie or micropreemie child through stillbirth or NICU loss. Project launched November 2011 in loving memory of Dex J Bradshaw.

Because “a person’s a person, no matter how small.” Dr. Seuss – visit their blog here  -

Its been a very chilly month and seems to be staying cold.  Relief Share volunteers love everyone to be comfortable and warm, especially the very old and the very young. Donations of warm scarves, hats, coats, clothing, bedding and mittens have come in and been donated out to where the need is the greatest.  Boxes of darling handmade dolls, knitted balls, warm double receiving blankets and yummy soft scrumptious flannel, fleece and minky fabric arrived at Relief Share home office and is quickly being made into needed items.

Twin size quilts are being sewn and hard working caring volunteers are tying the patchwork quilts as fast as they can at fun quilting bees held at the home of the main project co-ordinator. Jan is amazing and has ‘rallied the troops” to work fast, efficiently and joyfully to provide 240 twin size quilts for Shriners Childrens Hospital in St Louis.  Relief Share completed 240 quilts for the hospital two years ago and we are doing it again ;-)

Volunteers Larry and Linda Smith spent hours working on our four Relief Share flea market booths that are donated by H & K Flea Market in Houston, MO.  Everyone gets involved in donating items to fill the booth to raise funds for supplies and needed items to help the sick and needy.

President Carol Green went through her home and de-cluttered to bring a truck load of items to fill the booths.  You’ll find everything in our booths – Carol jokes that if it’s not nailed to the floor and needed to sell to get the yarn and fabric needed – it’s going to wind up in the flea market booth.  Her children grew up knowing that if they didn’t clean up their stuff and left it lying around, it got sold!  (one way to get children to tidy their rooms ;-)

Dottie Schafer and Carol Green spent an enjoyable afternoon taking donations to where they are very much needed. Dottie went through the clothing she had saved from when her children were little and donated boxes full of very nice clean and excellent condition baby and childrens clothing, along with a bag of much needed children’s shoes.  The recipients were so glad to get the items and it made Dottie feel good to share her precious treasures from when her kids were little.

There is joy in giving service and goods to others!

 The feeling you get in knowing you are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing helping your brothers and sisters in Christ is amazing.  In a world where its easy to get caught up in political problems, personal conundrums and depressed with how difficult it is to get by these days, it is a blessing to be able to wash away negativity with positive actions.

Here are some ideas on how to make your life joyful and productive – even more than you are doing now (and you may already be doing these things):

1.  Clean out your closets and home for a good cause. You will feel a lot better owning your possessions instead of having them own you.  Put the excess that you know others need and you don’t, into boxes and mail them to us at Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225.  We will send you a thank you letter and tax deductible receipt for your donations.  We know the price of shipping is getting higher – so if you can’t afford to ship your donations to us, consider calling a local charity and have them pick up your donations.  One man’s excess is another man’s treasure, especially when they don’t have what is needed. Your old snow boots may be a life saver to someone else and you’ll love the extra space in your home.

2.   Ask yourself – have you done any good in the world today, have you helped anyone in need? It’s one of our favorite songs we hear regularly at church, and it is a good litmus to see where we are in our humanitarian service.  Make yourself a promise that you will help at least one person per

Ask yourself – have you done any good in the world today, have you helped anyone in need?

day.  It doesn’t have to be earth shattering, like an entire truckload of donations or enough money donated to help others that temporarily hurts a tad in your budget (even though that is nice), it can be opening the door for someone else with a smile, cleaning the kitty litter box – even though it’s not your turn, or making someone else’s bed for a surprise.  How about calling someone just to tell them you love them, or giving them that sweater of yours they love and comment on every time they see you wear it and you don’t need the sweater really as you have  others.  Put on your thinking cap and ‘move it, move it’ to help others.

3.  Pray daily for your fellowmen. Oh, we don’t mean the rote prayers that are memorized, or the ones that are really generic, we mean the heartfelt prayers where you are chatting with your Heavenly Father and letting him know what is important to you.  We have a precious volunteer and friend who has really struggled with terrible bouts of cancer.  Honestly, if it was according to medical knowledge, she should have died by now, but through prayers and positive attitude, Vonnie is alive and kicking and in remission.  That was one of the best phone calls we have ever gotten – she is in remission because of love and prayers offered on her behalf, a doctor who just wouldn’t give up on her and her own marvelous attitude and relationship with God.  Prayers matter.  Choose carefully what you want to pray for, or who, and then do it daily.  Think of it as daily vitamins for the soul.

Well, we have a lot of other suggestions but these three are good to work on right now.  We must walk -  in learning to serve God and others – before we run, trip and get discouraged.  Take life a day at a time. Never mind yesterday, it’s gone, but today …..  today is such a marvelous gift from God – share your ‘today’ with others.

Happy hugs and lots of love to you from Relief Share :-)

Prayers matter.  Choose carefully what you want to pray for, or who, and then do it daily.  Think of it as daily vitamins for the soul.

Darling hats and booties for sick and needy babies in hospital

It’s fun to open the mail at Relief Share, especially when it is a box of the most darling baby hats and booties/slippers.  This wonderful box of the softest baby items has now been delivered to the hospital for precious new babies needing to conserve body heat and use their strength to heal and grow.  Every stitch in in place and it is very apparent that the volunteer did her best in creating these gifts of love.








Fun warm double knitted hats and baby cocoons

Nights watching TV with family, enjoying entertainment and hands busy with clicking knitting needles makes for lots of happy warm babies and children. This donation of double layer hats and baby cocoons was delivered to the Food Pantry and Crisis Center.  With the cold snap making folks miserable and mothers worried about keeping children warm, this was a delightful donation to gladden hearts and warm bodies.  Some of the hats are going to the school for the mentally handicapped. They love the bright colors and the soft warmth.  A huge thank you to our volunteers who make miracles happen.







Lots of love knitted up for the sick and needy by Relief Share volunteers

Lotsa love – donation of baby cocoons, hats, and booties for the sick and needy in Texas County Missouri. We have wonderful donors and volunteers ♥

All different kinds and colors of yarn were combined with skill, love and effort into this large donation that just went out to bless the lives of God’s sick and needy children.

Baby cocoons from preemie sizes to 6 months old and matching hats, baby hats, hats for children and adult hats were knitted and crocheted.

’tis the season to be sneezin’ is one of the quips heard as volunteers actively addressed the needs of little ones who are shivering in the cold and need essential items to keep them warm and healthy.  For the children who are seriously ill, the hats and cocoons aren’t just a comfort item, but life savers as they need to keep up their strength to heal instead of just trying to keep warm.

Prayers were said over each gift of love and hearts were full as we saw the outpouring of love for those who are sick and afflicted.

With each donation coming in and going out flows the pure love of Christ.  Right now we are dealing with the need to stay warm – that means knitted and crocheted hats, socks, booties, baby cocoons, afghans and blankets.  We are also making baby blankets, quilts, clothing, gowns, tee shirts, pants and jackets for little ones to be warm and snuggly.

Do you like to sew, knit, crochet, tat, quilt or create?  We would love to have you help us in our humanitarian service efforts.  There are no restrictions on what can be donated.  Relief Share addresses crisis – all types of crisis- and we do our best to quickly respond to requests for assistance.

January is not finished with us yet! So far has donated clothing, bedding, hats, shoes, household goods, pet supplies, baby blankets, nursing pillows, afghans, and a lot more to many organizations and individuals in need.

We need your help to be able to provide items to the sick and needy.  Supplies are needed for our volunteers to work with – fabric, yarn, thread, batting, craft tools (scissors, rotary cutters and mats, patterns, Accuquilt GO templates, Sillhouette Cameo accessories, knitting machines and accessories, etc). Finished items are also needed for donations out.

Please send donations to:

Relief Share
6078 Lundy Rd
Houston, MO 65483-2225

Relief Share is a 501 (c) 3 registered charity with the IRS and we send a thank you letter/tax deductible receipt for each donation so be sure to include a note with your address in the box.

YOU are important and can make a significant difference in the lives of those who, for various reasons, can’t help themselves at the moment.  Many times, those who received help have returned to be the helper and donated items, time and service in return for others who need assistance.  It’s exciting to see the cycle of love complete and generate more love.  We have been providing humanitarian service for over 2 decades from this location, it is such a blessing to see God’s love perpetuate generosity, caring, and support for those who are in emergent circumstances.



Relief Share Comfort Toys Change Lives For the Better…You Can Help!

Knitted gnomes donated for sick and needy children

In the aftermath of a disaster, one of the most powerful tools in a rescuer’s armory is the ability to distribute soft toys to children who are traumatized. This has long been recognized as an effective way of helping traumatized children, and it is worth considering exactly why this is. It also helps us to understand the importance of the work we do in sending handmade items, such as toys, to aid agencies.

The Invisible Power of Toys

We all know that children love their soft toys, but have you ever wondered about the psychological reasons behind this attachment? Researchers Bruce Hood, of the University of Bristol, and Paul Bloom of Yale University  conducted a study into the phenomena of attachment items – blankets or toys – and their results were striking. They ascertained that children believe that their toys have an ‘essence’, or life force, qualities that cannot be replicated. When offered the chance to have their toy ‘duplicated’ an overwhelming majority chose the original item over the duplicate. Professor Hood comments, “We anthropomorphize objects, look at them almost as if they have feelings. The children know these objects are not alive but they believe in them as if they are.” This behavior can be seen in adults too. After a burglary, even if the house contents are fully protected and stolen items replaced with identical ones, there remains a sense of dissatisfaction and loss. The new object never seems to replace the original. It seems that imbuing objects with special significance and regarding them as having an essential essence is not confined to children. In fact, it the cultural norm in some cultures. Professor Hood points out the some eastern beliefs centre around the idea that all things have a life force. Some cultures even find it hard to live in other people’s homes as they have a strong belief that there is ‘something intangible’ left behind by the previous occupants.

Transitional Objects

With this research in mind, imagine a child losing everything in a natural disaster? Imagine if their precious toy was lost forever, and they had to cope without comfort, in the midst of chaos and possibly bereavement. This is where aid shipments of toys can really help rescuers. Because even if the soft toys they distribute are not the ‘originals’, they still offer huge comfort to traumatized children. Many children in disaster areas will never have owned a soft toy of course. For these children, having something soft and comforting to hold, such as a toy or blanket, has shown to be highly effective in emotional recovery. In the west, up to 70% of children have a comfort object, since they tend to sleep apart from their parents at an early age. This is significant. Children in societies where this is not the norm may not have soft toys, but the importance of the parent in a sense of security is consequently even higher. To lose a parent in a disaster for these children is psychologically devastating. ‘Transitional objects’ (a physical object, which takes the place of the mother-child bond) become even more crucial in the days before proper support can be put in place in the rebuilding of a country.


Rescuers find that important links can be made with children in disaster areas or war zones if they are able to give them a soft toy to hold. There are several charities in the US who make sure that firefighters and policemen are kept stocked up with teddies for their vehicles, just in case they have to deal with a traumatized child. Their testimony proves that soft toys make a big difference.

Toys Change Lives

Aid workers in danger hotspots around the globe provide similar anecdotal evidence. The power of softness and comfort cannot be underestimated. Traumatized children can confide in a teddy bear in a way that may not be possible with an adult. Toys are frequently used in play therapy for this very reason, where they are known to improve feelings of social inclusion and pro-social behavior. The attachment that is formed between a child and the toy they are given cannot be more powerful. The gifts that you make and send abroad change lives, and bring comfort where there is despair. You can knit and sew in the knowledge that your work is making a difference to children somewhere in the world.

There are hundreds of free patterns for simple soft toys here.  Make some toys, or send supplies to make toys to:

Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225.



Relief Share...serving God's tiniest children

2013 is shaping up quite nicely already for Relief Share.  Donations have flowed in and out with the help from caring hearts putting their love in action for the sick and needy.

Our Relief Share facebook page is added to continuously with tips, hints, patterns, pictures and information on what activities are taking place and what the most urgent needs are.  Visit us at


1.  We are making 240 twin size quilts for Shriners Childrens Hospital in St Louis.  Volunteers and donors efforts have allowed us to take 19 finished quilts to the hospital in the last two weeks.  The quilts are being made from flannel, minky, chenille, cotton and knit fabric.  If you would like to help with supplies, please send fabric, yarn for tying the quilts and batting.  We would also love donations of finished quilts.  Shriners has asked that the quilts be fun, pretty, and happy so we are using all kinds of pastels, brights and kids prints to make the quilts help the children to have a positive experience in hospital.  It’s hard enough to go through serious surgery but if the healing environment is one of cheerfulness and joy, it can turn a difficult experience into a tolerable one.

2.  Relief Share is committed to providing hats, mittens and scarves to Texas County this winter through the Food Pantry and Crisis Center.  Hand made crocheted, knitted or sewn items or store bought items are welcomed. So far we have donated 30 mittens, 2 boxes of scarves and 70 hats.  Many more are needed so get out those crochet hooks and knitting needles and have fun making hats, scarves and mittens for those who need the warmth.

3.  Relief Share’s ongoing permanent project is keeping hospitals, medical clinics, crisis centers, homeless shelters and other organizations that address the needs of sick and needy babies and families stocked with basic goods to start life out right for babies.  Some of the items needed are: baby blankets, baby quilts, receiving blankets, socks, hats, booties, shoes, onesies, t-shirts, sleepers, gowns, nursing pillows and nursing pillow covers, mitts, diaper bags, shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, diaper cream, diapers (cloth and disposable), baby oil, soft toys, books, baby CDs, baby carriers, car seats, cribs, bassinets, high chairs, playpens, learning toys, pacifiers, bath toys, diaper covers, baby monitors, baby afghans, etc.  Think baby – we can use it for the sick and needy.

Relief Share is engaged in many activities that relieve suffering, promote self reliance and take care of emergent needs.  Our volunteers sew, serge, knit, quilt, crochet, tat, paint and create a variety of items to help others with.  Clean out your sewing room and craft closet for a good cause.

Please send donations to


We have been involved in humanitarian work here for the past 21 years at this location.  Relief Share is a non profit charity registered with the IRS and each donation receives a thank you letter/tax deductible receipt.  You can’t save the world or alleviate all the suffering in it by yourself, but together we can make this wonderful earth a better place to be.  Join us in helping Gods sick and needy today.




Minky comfort blankets

 Do you know what minky fabric is? Oh my, you should!  At Relief Share, we love minky! (sometimes it is spelled minkee)

Minky fabric is a plush, microfiber fabric. It is incredibly soft and smooth to the touch.  Minky fabric comes in all sorts of styles, colors and patterns. There are nearly 400 varieties, from prints and patterns of licensed characters to simply raised, dotted styles.  Minky fabric is used to construct blankets, typically for small children down to infant age. The texture provides comfort and a smooth surface to cuddle against or lie on.

Using minky fabric as a sewing material can be challenging, but there are tips that can help. Cut minky with a rotary cutter to cut down on the inevitable mess of fuzz. Although time consuming, pin minky every one to 1.5 inches. Minky has a tendency to curl, so give a seam allowance of about 1/2 inch.

Minky fabric, a polyester microfiber, is an excellent choice for plush baby blankets, warm, soft hats, cuddly stuffed animals and any other project that calls for plush fabric. You’ll find Minky is easy to sew, but it does handle differently from other fabrics. In order to create Minky items that look like professionally sewn pieces, you must adjust your sewing approach to accommodate the fabric’s unique qualities.

It is the fabric that babies and children adore.  It is dreamy, soft, luscious, snuggly fabric that soothes a little one at a doctor’s visit, it is what a soft cuddly bunny is made of that dries the tears of a child in a car accident, it is the blanket that a little boy suffering from cancer reaches for to help him through his chemo treatment.

Relief Share makes soft minky diaper covers for children in body casts so their discomfort is minimized and the covers are made for children of all ages.  We also put the Shriners label on the diaper covers for the hospital to easily identify.  All kinds of blankets, soft toys and garments are made here at Relief Share to be given out in donations for the sick and needy.

Minky is easy to sew with, very desirable and can work miracles in a child’s life.  The other thing that minky is – is expensive.  Relief Share rarely has the kind of funds that it takes to provide minky for the volunteers to work with in making items that are needed in the hospital, crisis center and homeless shelters.

Due to the love of a very sweet angel who watches over our humanitarian efforts, a large donation of the dreamiest minky has arrived at Relief Share headquarters for the volunteers to create miracles with.  Our gratitude and love go out to them for their kindness and generosity in sending such a much needed donation!



Donation for a newborn baby girl!

We just love it when our Relief Share donations are met with as much excitement and enthusiasm as they are sent with.  There will be a little baby girl that is warm and snuggly this Christmas, thanks to the combined donations of those who love God’s tiniest children and want to help.

This donation consisted of new and gently used clothing shared by hearts and hands that know how important it is to give a little one a nice warm snuggly start in life!

Merry Christmas to a new little wee one in Arizona! May her and her mother’s holidays be happy and bright.

Do you have baby clothing you have stashed away that has never gotten used and want to share with those who really need the items?  We can give you back your storage space and make your donations count.  Donations from Relief Share are given to babies and families in crisis – either through sickness, domestic violence, poverty or other trauma.  Every piece of clothing, every pacifier, blanket, socks, onesies, receiving blankets, and baby items make a major difference in the lives of those who lack and only need someone to put their love in action and help with a donation.

Simply put your items in a box and ship to Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225.  Be sure to include your address so we can send you a tax receipt and thank you letter.

May your Christmas be cheery and bright!


Crisis center donation of warm hats, scarves and more!

Our Relief Share volunteers have been very busy knitting and crocheting up a storm.  Donations have come in from many parts of the country to be combined with items made here at Relief Share’s home office in the Ozarks.  Many items to keep babies and families warm have been created with love and prayers to be shared with the sick and needy who appreciate a gift from a stranger to ward off the cold.

Hats, scarves and other items can mean the difference between staying healthy and getting sick.  It can also mean the difference between a simple cold and pneumonia or worse.  In more desperate circumstances, it can even mean the difference between life and death.  Babies need their strength to heal and grow and a warm baby hat and cocoon can mean everything to a struggling family bringing home a preemie baby from the intensive care.

Relief Share is donating 50 handmade knitted hats, and many scarves and other items to the crisis center for the sick and needy, so the Thanksgiving and Christmas season will be a little warmer with love from the heart and hands of strangers who cared enough to spend their time, talents and resources on those who are in desperate circumstances and need help.

A heartfelt THANKS to all the wonderful donors and volunteers working with Relief Share to make the miracle of love and warmth happen for those who need us this season.

If you would like to help knit and crochet to help the sick and needy, feel free to use your own patterns and make hats, scarves, mittens, cocoons and sweaters in any size and any type of yarn – there is always someone waiting for your items as we address the needs at a number of hospitals, homeless shelters, crisis centers, medical clinics, churches etc across the country.

Send your donations to Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225.  We always send a thank you letter/tax deductible receipt with each donation received, so be sure to include your name and address for us to thank you properly ;-) We are so grateful for your love in action. If you would like to donate yarn, knitting and crochet supplies and tools, please do – we will love you for it!

President Carol Green

Email me – I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.


Knitted and crocheted essential cloths donated to Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483 for the benefit of the sick and needy.

This wonderful donation just arrived from Binghamton Ravelry in Endicott, NY.  It is a marvelous donation of cloths, an essential item for washing dishes, faces, wee baby’s bodies and more!  No matter who you are, you need a way to keep yourself and your environment clean.  If you are able to sustain yourself and your lifestyle, a cloth may be something you take for granted, but if you are one of the many who are struggling for basic essentials, a cloth may be a life saver to you.

New moms with tiny babies need cloths for everything – cleaning up burps, babies and all that goes with having a baby in your life.  The homeless have to resort to whatever they can find around them – perhaps a newspaper or a paper towel picked up from a restaurant, just to stay clean.  Families in domestic violence situations sheltered in crisis centers are very grateful for soft cloths that they can do dishes with, dry dishes, clean living areas, etc.

Just think – the next time you pick up a dish cloth, wash cloth or towel to use – it may be something you never thought much about before, but can make all the difference when you don’t have it.

A HUGE thank you goes out to the Binghamton Ravelry group for their love in action in knitting and crocheting these essential cloths to bless the lives of those who need them.  May your Thanksgiving be as wonderful as you have made others by giving a donation of such usefulness to so many others through Relief Share ;-)


Relief Share volunteer, Linda Smith with the gorgeous quilt she pieced, and her husband machine quilted, for Ray Cox

Relief Share volunteers soften the blow for the sick and needy through making and donating handmade patchwork quilts.

Ray Cox, a long time volunteer, lost his sweet wife, Debbie, last year to cancer.  Dealing with pain and medical complications, Ray continued to reach out and help others, even through his own loss and trials. Relief Share volunteers Carol and Ashley Green bought some of the fabric and Linda and Gary Smith added more fabric and sewed and quilted two gorgeous quilts for Ray, one for him and one for his 2 year old granddaughter, Amber.

Relief Share

Amber's quilt to match Grandpa's

Ray was absolutely thrilled with the warm quilts, calling them ‘perfect’, he expressed his sincere gratitude for the love shown for him and blessing of warm quilts that are very much appreciated for his family.


Gary & Linda Smith - Relief Share volunteers

 Gary and Linda Smith are professional quilt makers. Linda pieces and sews the quilts and Gary machine quilts them.  Their generosity through Relief Share is a definite asset as the weather gets colder and warm quilts are needed to keep newborn babies and their families snuggled away from the cold. Gary and Linda also work in our Relief Share Flea Market booths, donated by H & K Flea Market across from the Houston Fairgrounds – to help Relief Share get the funds needed to make more quilts and buy supplies needed.

Relief Share stocks storage shelves at Texas County Memorial Hospital with baby quilts, receiving blankets, clothing, booties, nursing pillows, and pacifiers to make sure that all babies born with needs are given essential items to go home with.  We also address needs all across the nation, helping homeless shelters, crisis centers, individuals and families where ever the need is with the help of those who are ready, willing and able to donate time, talents, funds and supplies.

If you would like to help, please send donations to Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225 or email for more information.  Many hands make light work and glorify our Father in Heaven as we obey his commandments to serve one another.


Part of the Texas County Memorial Hospital donation.

Relief Share volunteers and donors have been very busy lately.  Just like the elves who helped the shoemakers as they slept, there have been many hearts and hands anxiously engaged in a good cause – working hard quietly and efficiently to be the answer to fervent prayer from those who need help.  God answers many prayers through those who serve him here below.

Donations out recently include:

Over 80 items donated to Texas County Memorial Hospital in Houston, Missouri today (Saturday, June 2, 2012) – baby hats, soft toys, diapers, wipes, baby lotion, baby bath, baby shampoo, nursing covers, preemie clothing, newborn and 0-3 month clothing and more.  It was wonderful to hear that our donations are important to the hospital. One nurse expressed gratitude for the preemie clothes we brought, she said that there was a little 4 pound baby born recently who needed the clothing.  It makes us feel good to be able to help one of God’s tiniest children.

A donation for a tiny baby girl - soon to be born: afghans, blankets, cocoons, a soft toy, and clothing.

Baby girl - afghans, onesies, sleepers, socks, hats, swaddlers, toys, bottles, pacifiers, receiving blankets, quilts and stuffties.

Baby boy – soft scratch mitts, soft knitted woven toy balls.

An non profit organization who helps the sick and needy: fabric, sewing supplies, knitting supplies. (Yes, we share our supplies ;-)

Newborns in Need Ozarks Chapter, Missouri – yarn and flannel

Newborns in Need Springfield Chapter, Missouri - clothing, fabric, sewing supplies, PUL for diaper covers, velcro, elastic, fold over elastic – 6 garbage bags full.

Texas County Food Pantry, Missouri – a big box and large bag of children’s and adults clothing, household articles for needy.

St Vincent de Paul - 11 baby swaddler cocoons, teddy bears for sick and needy children.

St Lukes Hospital – teddy bears, stuffed animals, baby clothing, baby blankets

Donation to single mom for baby girl – stuffed animals, receiving blankets and sewing supplies to make her daughter items needed.

Donation to family of needed clothing, household items , supplies and household machines.

Deseret Industries – LDS Humanitarian - baby clothing, adult clothing, household items, toys, books

Donation to a church of knitting needles and yarn for their ladies to make items to for preemie and newborn sick and needy babies in hospital.

These are not all of the donations given but a sample of what has been recently donated to let you know what types of activities Relief Share helps with.  Other donations have been given to families in need of food, clothing, bedding and essentials, also donations given for animals that need help. Pet blankets and supplies for pet blankets have been donated to the Animal Shelter.

We seek to alleviate suffering and lack where ever it may be.  We try to  do what Jesus would do in the same situation.

May God bless all that have been so generous with their time, talents, funds and skills to help those who need care, love and temporal items.  It is the synergy of working together that makes miracles happen.

We welcome all to the Relief Share ‘family’, regardless of color, creed, belief or any real or imagined barriers or boundaries.  In God’s world, in the real world of unconditional love, you are one of us if you want to be… want to be ;-)

Relief Share is here with open arms to share our love, caring, workload and satisfying activities.

We have been asked what type of donations Relief Share accepts.  Answer? Everything and anything.  Just think about what you would need if a disaster hit, if you lost your job, if your baby was born too early and struggled for life with your family finances totally drained in simply keeping your son or daughter alive.  What would you need if a flood washed away your home, if you had lived in Joplin and the tornado took your car and tossed it into a tree – ripped off the roof of your house and while you struggle to accept the reality of destruction around you, find out your wife, husband or son or daughter was taken home to heaven at the same time.

What would you want, what would you need, how would you cope?  Relief Share provides food, clothing, bedding, toys for children to make horrible situations tolerable, tiny clothing for burial of little ones who needed just one last outfit to be snuggled in before the last goodbye. We provide sewing, crochet and knitting supplies to mothers who have the skill to make the items their family needs but don’t have the supplies to do it with.  It’s hard to sew when your sewing machine was snatched up by a tornado or melted in the fire.  Last year, with the help of two donors, we were able to place a number of sewing machines, knitting machines and sergers where they were most needed – even to the extent of doing without ourselves until a donor replaced our work day sewing machines and  sergers with more after they learned we donated ours out for more immediate emergencies.

We share.  You share.  Those who care share and we sacrifice to help others.  That is what life is really supposed to be like if we all want to live in peace and happiness.  We give Relief through Sharing – love in action and we do it with your help.

Look around your home, clean out your closets for a good cause. Don’t need it, don’t want it?  We can guarantee you that some one needs what you have. Put it in a box – or boxes – and ship it or bring it to Relief Share 6078 Lundy Road, Houston, MO 65483-2225.

We have been here for 20 years helping the sick and needy through non profits and will continue to be the help God sends to the sick and needy with you ;-) May your days be as blessed as you bless the lives of others.  Thank you.

Love and hugs,

Carol C Green
non profit charity – all donations are tax deductible



Someone to watch over me

Debra Cox was a marvelous sweetheart who loved the babies and children everywhere. She put her love in action by doing marvelous charity work to make sure the sick and needy had warm clothes and bedding and essential items necessary for a great start in life for God’s tiniest and most helpless children.

Relief Share misses our beloved friend and volunteer – Debbie’s kind heart was felt over the miles and throughout the day as we pondered her kindness and generosity she shared with everyone with the help of her supportive husband, Ray.  Heaven needed another angel and Debbie is probably very busy being God’s angel watching over babies for him.

Ray has kept her love alive and her good works continuing by his donations to Relief Share .  Just recently he made a marvelous (and much needed donation) of a large amount of gorgeous fabric that is being used to make baby blankets, comfort lovey blankets, infant clothing, soft toys and more.

With the economy taking it’s toll on the ability of folks to donate, fabric donations are becoming essential for us to continue our charitable efforts.  Ray knows and understands just how important donations are to help Relief Share answer God’s call the bless the lives of his most helpless little ones.

Ray also shared Debbie’s sewing supplies and machines with us so more volunteers have the tools and supplies they need to get involved.  I know the angels are doing high fives, with Debbie in the lead, as they see Ray continuing to move the work forward and helping to turn tragedy into triumph in the lives of those who have great need and now are swaddled in beautiful warm baby quilts and have the necessary clothing to sustain life.

A letter from one of the hospitals we donate to stated: “your gift of baby items allowed us to send a baby home with all the necessities needed, a baby that previously had nothing  - what a huge blessing, thank you. Your donation arrived just in the nick of time for that little one!”  It is thank you letters like that, inspiring and motivating hearts and hands, that confirm the holy work we do for God.

Our hearts are full, we can never express enough gratitude for Ray Cox and his continuing love and help for the babies, done in memorium of our beloved Debbie.  Usually, when someone passes, we say ‘rest in peace’, but we know Debbie – she is very very busy happily engaged in her calling as an angel helping everyone where ever she can.  May we all live up to her standards and be happy in the life that God has given us.

If you are struggling and suffering and need a blessing, take a leaf from Debbie’s book and reach out to bless others.  Debbie struggled with the cancer that finally took her life, but she lived life to the fullest and enriched the lives of all she came in contact with. That is the key – forget yourself and give your troubles to God (he wants you to and he is up 24/7 anyway) and after you have helped others and returned to your own troubles, you will find they are a lot less and easier to manage.

God bless you Ray – and God bless Debbie – we know you are there helping in the best way possible.

Love and hugs

Carol Green
Relief Share


Love in action - working together to help others.

This winter has been cold but filled with hearts made warm and cozy with lots of love in action from volunteers and donors from all over the country.  A huge thank you going out to all those who have been shopping, knitting, sewing, serging, tatting, crocheting, crafting and de-cluttering for the benefit of the sick and needy we are helping.

Recent donations received include:
- hand knitted and crocheted hats
- prayer shawls
- afghans – all sizes
- baby blankets and snuggler cocoons
- baby sweaters and clothing
- infant demise layette sets
- crocheted, knitted and sewn booties
- children’s clothing and diapers
- hygiene supplies for needy families
- food items
- household goods – kitchen items, bedding, towels, electronics, etc
- beautiful quilts
- knitted and woven soft toys, stuffed animals and balls
- videos, books and toys

Donations have been give out to hospitals, homeless shelters, crisis centers, individuals, pediatric clinics, and other organizations that help the sick and needy.

Honorable mentions for donations and service include:

Janet W – WV
Melody G – CT
Michele H – UT
Kimiko S – VA
Jennifer S – ID
Dan W – MO
Christine R – SD
Herbert P – TX
Mary S – NC
SharpShoppersClub – MO
USCybertek – MO
Light Speed Interactive – ID
LDS Humanitarian – ID
Brian J – AZ
K W – ME
John S – AR
Barbara L – CT
Ethel V – OR
Charlotte B -CA
Cynthia S – WV
Ozark Glass – MO
JC Auto – MO
Marla P – KY
Grace D – PA
Terry W – KS
Diane H – AR

May God bless each and every one of you who answer his call to help.  If you would like to help there are many things you can do.

- Spread the work and share our link of on your facebook page,  twitter feed, or website.

- Go shopping and have a blast at the sales, then put your purchases for the sick and needy in a box and send it to Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225.

- Clean out your closets for a good cause, de-clutter your home, teach your children and grandchildren about caring for others at Family Home Evening, family gatherings or one on one times – reach out to others by using your talents God has given you.

- Share your ideas to make the world a better place with others and ACT upon what you know to be right.

Start right were you are, right where you stand with what you have available and bless the lives of those around you.

We love your donations and are happy to get them to where they are needed the most, but you can also donate and help locally to strengthen your community.

Bloom where you are planted and spread God’s message of love and hope in your own special way.  It may be a smile, a hug or a warm blanket.

In the words of a wonderful Christian leader of men, Spencer W Kimball - “Just Do It!”

With love and gratitude,
Carol Green
Relief Share


Sewing for charity is a rewarding activity - both for the volunteers and the ones who receive the needed items.

Tomorrow is a big day. I was a bit worried about it but now everything is going to be just fine.

I have two big work meetings tomorrow and one of them needed more sewing machines than are available.  It is frustrating to me to see ladies waiting in line for a chance to help sew what is needed but not enough machines to go around.  The Lord knows what we need, who has it and who is willing to help his sick and needy children and take action.

Just in the nick of time, two sewing machines were delivered and will be taken to the morning work meeting so there will be enough machines.  I am so relieved and VERY happy. When I let the other volunteers know that two more machines arrived, they were so excited and now instead of not getting any sleep trying to figure out how to cycle the volunteers around on the machines better, I am happily looking forward to seeing the huge auditorium filled with hustle and bustle making all kinds of marvelous things tomorrow at the LDS Stake Humanitarian work meeting.

A huge thank you to our Relief Share guardian angel – I know the angels in heaven are doing high fives over her love and support for God’s most helpless children.  The morning work meeting is only once a month and now we have machines that the ladies can take home during the month to keep working.

The afternoon work meeting is going to be pretty thrilling, too.  When I went to the service room on Tuesday we had a serious shortage of fabric and yarn and NO batting for quilts.  One of the directors on the Relief Share board and myself worked hard last night to get a van load full of fabric and yarn ready for other LDS Humanitarian volunteers to pick up this morning and take over to the service room ready for tomorrow.  It cleaned out pretty much everything I had, even all the reserves, but its going to be awesome tomorrow to see the room bustling with activity and lots of warm hats, scarves, mittens, quilts, knitted balls, clothing and bedding being made. We also have volunteers with cars and trucks ready to do donation runs as the boxes fill up with finished goods.   The boxes that are shipped to Relief Share are distributed immediately to the most urgent needs.

I have to say that I am exhausted. It’s been full steam ahead since I hit the ground running when I arrived in Boise, ID less than a week ago after being in Misssouri for 4 1/2 months, and I am hoping for a wee break on Sunday as I sit in church quietly knitting and listening to more direction from God from the pulpit. I love getting my batteries recharged.  The little baby hat I knitted in church is already on a baby’s head being used LOL.

Charity work is marvelous and I am so grateful for all the wonderful donors and volunteers that make this world a better place.

One of the reasons why Relief Share is so effective is we work with other charities and the synergism is amazing – so many more sick and needy receive the help they need. One of our very favorite organizations we love to work with is LDS Humanitarian Services.  If you have activities in your area going on at the LDS Church, get involved.  It’s amazing what hearts bound in the same charitable service can do  – miracles happen.

If you want to help –

- donate to by sending a paypal donation to
– send a box of gently used or new items for babies, children and adults to

Relief Share,
6078 Lundy Rd,
Houston, MO 65483-2225
- send a box of supplies for our volunteers to make what is needed.  Fabric, yarn, sewing, serging, quilting, knitting, crochet, tatting, embroidery and other supplies are needed.

All donations are acknowledged with a thank you letter and tax deductible receipt.

President Carol Green, charity


What are your New Years resolutions?  A quick search on the net shows that the number one New Years resolution is to lose weight.  We had to blink twice at that one because many of the sick and needy we serve don’t have that problem. In fact, they have trouble finding the resources to get enough food to eat.

If you are trying to keep your New Years resolution of losing weight, we have some suggestions that might help ;-)

1.  One day a week fast for one meal (or two) and donate the money you would have spent on those meals to charity.   Give it to your church, your local food pantry or send it to

Relief Share,
6078 Lundy Rd,
Houston, MO 65483-2225.

If you would have eaten something you already have in your home in your food storage – take the cans or boxes you don’t eat to your local food pantry, or donate them to a family you know could use them.

2.  We all know exercise helps us lose weight.  Get off the computer, stop watching the TV and dig out your sewing machine, knitting machine or serger and make some baby blankets or receiving blankets – perhaps a quilt or two to give away.  It will stimulate your heart and mind at the same time and bless the lives of the sick and needy.  If you prefer to hand knit or crochet – I bet there are some chemo patients that would love a hat to keep their heads warm or a prayer shawl or afghan to keep them snuggled and warm during the long hours of laying there getting chemotherapy for cancer.

3.  Gaining weight, for some of us, comes from comfort eating, do something else instead! Bad day – chocolate, upset – ice cream, family party and feeling good – Grandma’s famous peach pie, special occasion – root bear floats and birthday cake…well, you get the idea. Good or bad, we tend to reach for food to complete the situation.  Space abhors a vacuum.  Instead of reaching for food eating food, try doing something nice for someone else.  It’s hard to fork more pie in your mouth if your hands are busy sewing quilts for the crisis center and you can’t reach for the jelly beans at home on the counter if you are giving your neighbor in his wheelchair a walk in the sunshine for a much needed outing. Attend a local charity work meeting, volunteer time at the local library, or keep your hands and mind busy doing another productive service for someone – like weeding their garden when they can’t.

4.  There are good weight loss products to help boost your efforts (and there are many bad ones).  We recommend a supplement that compliments your efforts, not one that shocks your body into unhealthy weight loss.  After a great deal of research, we found that America’s number one health weight loss supplement is HCG drops.  Not all drops are good for you, though, depending on what the manufacturer has put in the bottle.  The most productive, safe, and cost effective can be found at – you must stick to the diet suggested, but if you do, it works well.  HCGslim can help you get the body you want, healthy, strong and trim.  The company also donates to Relief Share – we are grateful for that.

Good luck! We would love to hear how your New Years resolutions are coming. Please feel free to respond to this post and share!


Danny Wright at his piano.

Healing through music – a true gift from God to all of us through Danny Wright who is an international concert pianist. He has sold over 6 million albums since his debut in 1986, he is also my favorite pianist! I just have to share ;-)

Danny Wright Releases 35th Album SOUL 2 SOUL and

Launches The Danny Wright Foundation of Music.

Danny Wright’s all-original contemporary piano music interprets healing stories in the purest of ways. The best-selling pianist’s new Danny Wright Foundation of Music will provide music to critically-ill children and seniors, while also supporting musical education in Nevada’s schools.

Las Vegas, NV (October 4, 2011) — International concert pianist Danny Wright’s impressive thirty-fifth recording Soul 2 Soul (released on White Lyte Music, September 26, 2011), sets the bar high for creative and all-original music for contemporary solo piano. Wright’s lifelong training and seemingly innate ability to create moving, magical, and unprecedented aural pieces of art, are represented in this new album. A native Texan, now based in Las Vegas, Wright’s command of musical textures and tones on the wholly-instrumental Soul 2 Soul crosses contemporary, new age and Christian genres.

“This is one of my most heartfelt albums,” Wright said, “My wonderful fans have been asking for a simple solo piano album for years, and the time was just right for these songs to pour out of my soul, inspired by the beautiful people I’ve met through my music.”

On Soul 2 Soul, nearly twenty-five years of music-making has culminated in classic, inspirational and memorable melodies that flow effortlessly through the air. As producer of Soul 2 Soul, Wright – along with co-producer Cheri White – commissioned recording and engineering services from Hyman Stansky at Harbor House Studios in Keller, Texas. A year in the making, Soul 2 Soul is Wright’s first all-original album in twelve years. Wright’s previous release was Walking in Faith (distributed by Inner Knot) a collection of faith-based songs for solo piano recorded in memory of his parents, contributing to his total album sales of over six million copies worldwide.

The inspiration for Soul 2 Soul is vast, drawing from various fans’ and listeners’ stories—whether joyous or painful—and from a range of different Internet sources, concert meetings, and personal friendships. In response to their emotional stories, Wright created compositions to honor their memory or to celebrate their life, either overcoming physical obstacles or comforting those in times of need. Keep in mind, Wright creates these musical landscapes with nothing more than a Steinway piano. All vocals and additional instrumentation are set aside to allow the piano’s “voice” to tell the stories.

The sweet melody of “Adriannes Heart,” most certainly evokes Valentine’s Day imagery with love, faith, and hope for better days to come. The galaxy-titled “To the Moon and Stars and Back” is not necessarily space music, except for the fact Wright’s playing resonates beyond borders, cultures, and, perhaps, planets; this track solidifies Wright’s international (and extraterrestrial) appeal. “Friends are Friends Forever” is a celebration of friendship with a sweeping melody that carries the listener off into another world. “Sweet Jewels” is a tantalizing track with a softly-played melody; but Wright knows how to tickle the high keys in such a manner as to evoke the sparkling characteristics of gemstones tumbling out of a bag. The tragic result of a son’s motorcycle accident and his eventual awakening from a coma is the subject of “Have Faith.” “Where There’s A Will There’s A Way” is titled after the name of an inspiring baby (Will) born prematurely with developmental disabilities and autism effects. “At Peace” is a tribute to co-producer and album cover artist, Cheri White, whose husband passed away in his sleep. The events, though seemingly somber, offer catharsis and healing through Wright’s uplifting musical spirit throughout the album. Other tracks include “Tara’s Theme,” “I Found You,” “Carole’s Odyssey,” and “White Lyte,” all expertly ordered and arranged to offer the type of healing and loving experience that has endeared Wright to his fans worldwide. Surely, listeners will find companionship in these spiritual interpretations of challenging events.

White’s contribution to the cover album artwork illustrates the therapeutic side of painting with a flowing stream in the middle of higher, autumn-colored bluffs and hillsides. In a way, the music flows beautifully in the middle of the natural environment, as well as between individuals. The water imagery serves as a creative flow of musical ingenuity that showcases Wright’s way of giving back to the people that inspired the new work.

As a Steinway and PianoDisc artist, Wright celebrates the sounds of piano, while steering close to fellow contemporaries Tom Barabas, George Winston, Dave Grusin, David Foster, Billy Joel, and Barbra Streisand. In fact, Streisand’s passion for music and Wright’s emotive piano compositions have inspired fans to draw parallels between their music. Recently, Wright was delighted when one of his fans told him “You play the piano like Barbra Streisand sings.”

In addition to recording Soul 2 Soul over the past year or so, Wright also co-founded the Danny Wright Foundation of Music, which produced a star-studded benefit event at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV on September 18, 2011. The foundation’s mission statement is “Healing the Planet one Heart at a time.” Essentially, the foundation will provide instruments and instructors to sick children in hospitals throughout Nevada and by supporting music programs in schools. Moreover, ten-percent of all proceeds from Soul 2 Soul and other albums will be donated to the Danny Wright Foundation of Music when purchased at the foundation’s website. (

Soul 2 Soul is available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon, and at fine music stores everywhere via distribution by Inner Knot and E1 Entertainment. White Lyte Music is also reissuing four of Wright’s best-selling albums including An Intimate Christmas, Real Romance, Keys From My Heart, and Walking in Faith; all albums will be available both digitally and at brick-and-mortar retail stores.


Official Artist Website:

CD Review:


Official Facebook Page:

Danny Wright Foundation of Music:


About Danny Wright
Danny Wright is an international concert pianist who has sold over 6 million albums since his debut in 1986. Wright’s talent stems from musical training from age 4, studying with some of the best piano instructors in the world. He has been named twice by Billboard Magazine as a Top 10 artist in his genre, with three of his albums in Billboard’s Top 10 New Age Albums for three consecutive years. He is currently represented by White Lyte Music LLC in Las Vegas, NV, and is founder of the Danny Wright Foundation of Music.

About The Danny Wright Foundation of Music
The Danny Wright Foundation was formed to help people through the power of music. The Mission Statement is: “Healing the planet one heart at a time. Dedicated to the enrichment of the lives of All People with the understanding and appreciation in the healing power of music. Helping people the “Wright Way.”

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Cotton knitted dishcloths

These cotton dishcloths are earth friendly and last a lot longer than synthetic mass produced dishcloths – they work better, too.   They also save money when you use them instead of paper towels or wipes.

Make some for yourself and extras to donate to the refugee center, homeless shelter or crisis center in your area or send them to us at Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225

Materials: 1 ball of cotton yarn. We like the Peaches and Cream cotton yarn.

Knitting Needles: Size US 7 or 8.

Pattern: Cast on 3 sts.
1st row: Knit.
2nd row: K1. Increase 1 st in next st. Knit to end of row.
Rep last row to 40 – 50 sts. (depending on how big you want the dishcloth.
Next row: K2. K2tog. Knit to end of row.
Rep last row to 3 sts. Cast off.

Note: This pattern makes a darling baby afghan. Use washable acrylic yarn and knit rows until it is as big as you want, then decrease.

Ted Grabenauer sleeps on his front porch on Monday, the morning after a tornado ripped the roof off his home in Joplin, Missouri.

It’s been a wild time with all the tornados and flooding. Prayers are being offered for the sick, afflicted, homeless, stricken, suffering and experiencing more difficult trials than they have ever had to deal with before. The aftermath of the nasty weather (that is not over yet) is one of shock, loss and deprivation.

Our prayers are very much needed, as there are only some areas that God can heal and handle, but as we pray like everything depends on God, we need to work like everything depends on us.

Urgents needs: QUILT BATTING! Can I say that again? QUILT BATTING! We have material for quilt tops and backs, and even have many of the quilts ready to put together but we are short on quilt batting. 90″ wide is the best size and however long you can get it. JoAnn Fabric is having a wonderful sale right now with only $5 shipping if you do it before tomorrow night. Any kind of batting, any size of batting will be gratefully accepted. Volunteers are standing by to make the life saving, warmth giving quilts that are so desperately needed but we need YOUR HELP in supplying the quilt batting.

People walk a devastated street in Joplin, Missouri (map), on Sunday, hours after a tornado killed at least 116 people, as of Monday afternoon, and left the town in ruins.

Other urgent needs are:
- BABY CLOTHING -  sleepers, socks, booties, bibs, receiving blankets, afghans, soft toys, diaper lotion cream and shampoo, diapers, formula, bottles, diaper bags – anything for a baby.
- basic simple clean clothing for toddlers, children and adults. Many of the people affected have nothing, it’s all gone – just look at the pictures on the news. New clothing is best, but gently used clothing is gratefully accepted.
- basic HYGIENE ITEMS  like toilet paper, kleenex, pads, shampoo, shaving cream, razors, hair conditioner, lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste – just think about what you find in a hotel room that are considered basics.  Ttrash bags, face lotion, hairbrushes, combs – even makeup for the women (it helps with morale and to sustain a ‘normal’ life feeling).
- TOYS & BOOKS to keep the little ones happy in crisis shelters, tote bags are a huge help for folks to carry what little they have around with them.
- SURVIVAL ITEMS – matches, flashlights, water containers, tents, tarps, safety pins, MRE food supplies, back packs, writing supplies, batteries, etc
-FOOD. Survival type food is best – lightweight and nourishing. Dehydrated fruit like berries, trail mix, fig newtons, protein bars, water (a biggie)
- basic SEWING KITS (ask your local hotel for a few donations and send them on to us – same thing with the toiletries).
- crochet, knitting, tatting and sewing supplies. Thread, yarn and fabric.

One of the saddest items we must provide are the burial layettes for babies and children that didn’t make it through. Soft fabric in white or pastel colors is best, soft laces and trims and a little ribbon or ribbon roses are needed. Smocking and tatting supplies are needed to make that last little gown, bonnet and blanket special.

Cars smashed by the tornado rest in the parking lot of St. John's Regional Medical Center in Joplin, Missouri, on May 23.

Please help. Don’t just sit there and listen or read the news – DO something. Fill a box today and ship it to us at Relief Share. The folks that need the help aren’t picky, they are suffering and desperate. If you don’t have anything to send, please send us a donation. A money order or check can be mailed to us, a paypal donation can be sent to and even cash can be sent through the mail (not recommended but accepted).

We are a 501 (c) 3 non profit registered with the IRS. All donations are tax deductible. Please don’t wait another minute, send what you can today, even if it’s only a dollar or a box of used baby clothing. Just do something – anything – to help.

Note: You don’t have to help just through us – please consider other charities in your area if that is a better solution to helping for you. There is no corner on charity and it doesn’t matter who gets the credit for helping. There are people – even little babies suffering with hunger and cold tonight and you are the solution – please be the solution….

Our address to ship and mail to is:
our Missouri address to ship to is
Relief Share
6078 Lundy Rd
Houston, MO 65483-2225

It is best to ship to the Boise address as we have more volunteers here to sew and help and arrangements to get the items to the needy areas fast. If you need to ship to the Missouri address because it is cheaper for you to ship there, that is okay, too.

Our email and paypal address is – please feel free to email with questions, we are so grateful for the help. We do what we can but it takes all of us to create the miracles to ease the suffering for others.

President Carol Green


Baby quilt

Relief Share is in desperate need of BATTING for quilts.  There is a little baby shivering in the cold today – you can help cover them with warmth of a snuggly quilt.  Please send what you can to:

Relief Share
6078 Lundy Rd
Houston, MO 6483-2225

Any size of quilt batting – baby (crib), twin, double, queen or king is needed and any kind of batting.  Those that are cold don’t care what kind of batting it is, they just need to be warm to use their strength for healing instead of just staying warm.

We’ve been using polyester batting because it is the cheapest – we even split the thick batting into three to make more quilts, but we will be more than happy to take any kind of batting.  These quilts go to the hospitals, refugee shelters, crisis centers, homeless shelters and also to individuals and families that need them.

I have lots of wonderful volunteers working on the quilts but all we are able to do right now is piece quilt tops as without the batting, we can’t finish them.
We now email the thank you letter and tax receipt as a .pdf file so as soon as we get donations, we can immediately let folks know they have arrived and email the letter, so please include your email in the package.

If you haven’t got batting to send, please consider sending a Paypal donation to and note that it’s to pay for batting – we are a non profit charity registered with the IRS so all donations are tax deductible.  Please help!


President Carol Green


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