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..that the solution to inequality, pain, suffering, and lack in the world is ‘those that have’ sharing willingly from the heart with ‘those that have not’ who are sick and/or needy.

Warm clothing and bedding for babies, quilts for the aged or ill, books for the disadvantaged, essentials and household goods for those who have lost everything in floods, house fires, or due to job loss; these are just some of the need we assist with. You can help.


350 baby cocoons for the hospital are needed!


We were delighted to receive a donation of an Incredible Sweater Machine for our volunteers to knit on.  Thank you so much to the generous donor, we are so grateful as we would never be able to get all the cocoons done if they had to be knitted by hand.

The hospital needs 350 cocoons for their babies and the machine will be a huge help in getting the donations made and out to the hospital in time to snuggle the babies in this cold weather.  The cocoons also aid in keeping the babies calm and comfortable so they spend their energy on healing and growing instead of trying to stay warm and peaceful.

We just made the very first cocoon on the knitting machine that arrived yesterday.  Here it is!

Baby Cocoon

Baby Cocoon - knitted by machine.

Baby Cocoon

Baby Cocoon

These cocoons can be hand knitted or machine knitted.

Thatcher’s Cocoon (knitted version)

With circular needle or dpn’s, cast on 80 sts (I love using a long tail cast on.
Tutorial for it can be found at
Join in round, placing a stitch marker on first stitch to mark beginning of round.

Knit for approximately 18 inches then begin decreasing.

Row 1. Knit 8, knit 2 together (repeat to end of row. Row should end with last 2 sts
knit together).
Row 2. Knit all sts.
Row 3. Knit 7, knit 2 together (repeat to end of row. Row should end with last 2 sts
knit together).
Row 4. Knit all sts.
Row 5. Knit 6, knit 2 together (repeat to end of row. Row should end with last 2 sts
knit together).
Row 6. Knit all sts.
Row 7. Knit 5, knit 2 together (repeat to end of row. Row should end with last 2 sts
knit together).
Row 8. Knit all sts.

Continue in this manner until only 8 stitches remain. Cut or break yarn leaving a long
tail to thread through the remaining 8 stitches. Tighten the bottom and secure yarn by
weaving it up into the inside of the bag a bit until you feel it is secure and won’t come out.

Weave in any ends ( if you choose to do stripes you will have lots of them) and ta-da! All done:)

This size will fit most full term nb’s. Increase or decrease amount of stitches to size up or down.

My gauge for this is 4.5-5 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch with size 7 needles using
worsted weight yarn.

If you would like to help by making knitted cocoons and donating to Relief Share for us to take to the hospital, we  would love it.  Our address is Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225. Be sure to include your name and address so we can send you a thank you letter and tax deductible donation slip.

Well, the first one is made.  Only 349 to go!  It took us just over a year to make and donated handmade twin size quilts for Shriners Childrens Hospital in St Louis.  I wonder how long it’s going to take to make and donate all the cocoons needed.  A lot less with YOUR help ;-)

President Carol Green




I was wondering if the yarn was chunky or worsted and maybe size U.S.6 needle (circular)


I have been knitting for many years for STEP (St. Louis Park Emergency Program) – children’s sweaters, caps, scarves, mittens, etc. – and lap robes for a local nursing home. I welcome another
outlet for my knitting. I will be sending you a box soon.


Bless your heart, Ruth, we certainly are very grateful for donations to help the sick and needy we care for. Big hugs, Carol


You can use any yarn you like, but I prefer worsted weight on size 7 circular needles that are 16″ long (that way I don’t have to keep pushing the cocoon so far around the longer circs). It makes for pretty, easy to make cocoons ;-) I have seen them made with yarn as small as baby fingering for a lovely soft drapey cocoon, but they take twice as long to make and aren’t as warm – perhaps for summer they are better out of the softer weight. My favorite yarn is the Caron Simply Soft or the Love That Yarn from Hobby Lobby.



Cocoons can also be made on a circular loom, knifty knitter. On the bottom you can close like a hat, or cast off the loom and thread a ribbon, or yarn so the mother com open and close the cocoon easily to change diapers.

Relief Share mod note: Please use two strands of yarn when using a knifty knitter or the finished item is too loopy and loose. Little fingers get caught in the strands if the cocoon is not stable enough. The hospitals we donate don’t want the bottom to open as a mother may accidentally catch the ribbon on the bottom and open the cocoon causing the baby to fall out.


Super idea Katia, thanks for suggesting it. At the work meeting yesterday there were a lot of lovely volunteers using the circular looms to make hats for children and cancer patients. A cocoon is the same pattern as a hat, just longer. Hugs, Carol Green, RS President.


I am making a cocoon according to your pattern, using Simply soft and size 7 ndls. How many sts do I need for casting on for a matching hat? and how long/deep does it need to be? I hope to finish the cocoon by next week. Should I mail it to you, or to my local hospital?
I think this is a wonderful way to help others, and to use up my stash yarn. (The one I am making is stripes)


Hi Ruth ;-) So glad you are making a cocoon and hat to help the sick and needy babies we serve. The newborn hat is 60 stitches, knit for 4 1/2″ and decrease. The 0-3 months hat is 70 stitches and knit for 5 to 5 1/2″ and decrease. Preemie hats are 50 stitches and knit for 4″ and decrease.

Our address to ship donations to is:
Relief Share, 6200 N River Pointe Dr C208, Boise, Idaho 83714
Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225

Happy Knitting ;-)
President Carol Green


Does anyone have a knitted pattern of a christmas stocking to put a premie or newborn in???


Thank you for all of your work. My aunt loves this blog and it’s really easy to see why.


There is one on – there is a small fee for the pattern. We have not used the pattern so can’t say how easy it is to do.

We simply make the baby cocoons for the little ones to be taken to their mothers on Christmas day in the hospital – you will find the free pattern on our blog.


Thank you for your kind comments ;-)


Thanks for your blog it is very helpful. I have not knitted a cocoon yet,but now I am going to try. Thank you for all you do. What size dolls are you using for your preemie outfits and cocoons? I recognize one as a berenguer, but I don’t know the size .


Hi Frances ;-) It is easier to have the sizes in inches instead of using a doll because you may not have the same dolls available to you where you live. Here are the general sizes are:

XXS – 14″ long x 50 stitches wide (6″ across) – 12″ diameter
XS – 16″ long x 60 stitches wide (8″ across)
S – 18″ long x 70 stitches wide (10″ across)
M – 20″ long x 80 stitches wide (10″ across)
L – 23″ long x 80 stitches wide (12″ across)
XL – 25″ long x 80 stitches wide (12″ across)

Good luck :-)


Size Small – 70 stitches wide, 10″ across; Size Medium 80 stitches wide 10″ across — is this correct? Medium has ten additional stitches wide but is the same with as Small at 70 stitches wide. I may have misunderstood something here. Thanks!


Hi Kat ;-) The size of the cocoons you are making will depend on the weight of yarn you are using. The yarn used in the pattern instructions is worsted weight yarn (ie Red Heart, Hobby Lobby Love That Yarn, Caron Simply Soft, etc). Please use the stitch count for accuracy.


Hello I just think your site is wonderful. I am wanting to get hold of a prem size vest, or singlet pattern please, can anyone help?


Thank you for your post :-D Here is a great resource for a vest pattern: Good Luck!


How long must these cocoons be?


Thanks for asking, Chantal ;-)

The general sizes are:
The baby’s weight for the general sizes are:
XXS – 14″ long x 50 stitches wide (6″ across) – 12″ diameter 1.5 to 3 lbs
XS – 16″ long x 60 stitches wide (8″ across) 3 to 5 lbs
S – 18″ long x 70 stitches wide (10″ across) 6 lbs to 8 lbs
M – 20″ long x 80 stitches wide (10″ across) 9 lbs to 11 lbs
L – 23″ long x 80 stitches wide (12″ across) 12 t0 15 lbs
XL – 25″ long x 80 stitches wide (12″ across) 15 to 17 lbs


Are you still accepting donations? I’m on a knitting roll and my local hospital has too many donations.


What a wonderful post!! Yes, absolutely we are still accepting donations! We have been doing charity work for over 2 decades now and will still be here when Jesus calls us all home :-) Our work is never ending. As long as God calls us to help the sick and needy, we will be here! Please help, we need your knitting. Some of the knitted items that are most requested are: Baby blankets, booties, hats, sweaters, cocoons, soft knitted bears, balls, toys, socks, and other baby items. We also help the entire family so slippers, larger warm blankets (these are used for old folks homes, chemo patients, etc) chemo hats, prayer shawls for cancer patients and other crisis patients. Any kind of knitting you want to do and donate will be cheerfully accepted and given out immediately to those in need! Thank you so much, Heather! (by the way, you can also follow us on facebook at – we get so busy doing the actual charity work that sometimes we don’t have time to update the blog, but we try to keep our facebook page somewhat updated :-) We do answer email daily at if you need questions answers asap.


I’m a new knitter, easily confused. My intent was to make 18 inch cocoons. Cast on 80, I apparently knit nice and tight, the neck area is only 9 inches across. 5 stitches x 5 rows for 1 inch square. Shortening to 16 inches. To make a hat, given my gauge issues, should I cast on more than 60 stitches to get the proper sizing?


About how many yards are needed for the size given in the pattern above(nb size in worsted weight yarn such as Caron Simply


We love using Hobby Lobby Love That Yarn to make cocoons. It usually takes around one skein, which is 252 yards :-) Thanks for asking.


What size needle for the hats? Still a 7?


Thanks for asking, Karen :-) Yes, still a size 7 for the needles. If you used a larger or smaller size yarn and corresponding smaller or larger size needle – just use the same one you did for the cocoon :-) We would love to see you post pictures here when you get done!

Carol Green/President


These are great, are they US size 7 needles? In a conversion chart, that suggests they are 4.5mm?


I am just now seeing this. Had triplet preemies in 1972 so this is close to my heart. Do you still need cocoons and hats.


Are you still needing baby cacoons ? Ive been trying to find someone to make and donate. I loom knit. Is that ok ?


Thank you so much. Yes, we always need baby cocoons. Many of our volunteers loom knit and the babies love to be snuggled in their cocoons and baby hats.


Thank you so much Janet, we appreciate your asking. Yes, we always need cocoons and hats :-)


Yes, a size 7 needle is 4.5 mm :-)

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