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Relief Share infant demise burial gown.


Relief Share infant demise burial gown

This is a simple, quick and easy pattern for infant demise burial gowns that are in short supply right now and very much needed.

The pattern is easy to size down to micro preemie and up all the way to newborn or even toddler.  A casing at the neck with narrow elastic inside is what allows the gowns to be used for multiple sizing.    The gown closure can be a snap, ties, velcro or buttons.  Only one or two are needed down the back, which is completely open for easy dressing of the baby.

Lace or trim can be added.  For little girls we use lace and rosebuds with ribbon and for the little boys, rick rack is added.

Material such as flannel, soft minky, cotton or other soft cuddly fabrics are used to create the little gowns.  A bonnet, booties, blanket or cocoon is added to create the baby’s layette.  When available, we add a soft toy such as a Ty Fleece Beanie Baby for a momento for mom and dad.

These beautiful little gowns are an honor to sew for these sweet babies who only need one last layette for them to be snuggled in.  The pattern can be downloaded here:  IMPORTANT NOTICE: SAGA provides this Wee Care Program free of charge for your use for the donations of gowns to hospitals for the express purpose of bereavement. Any other use is a violation of the Copyright.

Instead of smocking the gown, simply gather it.  You can use less fabric for a gown that is not as gathered.  The hospitals are always very grateful for these burial gowns.  If you would like to make and donate burial gowns to Relief Share, please send them to:

Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225





could I have to pattern to make these gowns I have plenty of fabric here that I can use for these.


Hi there…I am a nurse in our High Risk Obstetrics and Labor and Delivery unit. Recently I have taken over our bereavement program for infant loss. We are in desperate need for bereavement gowns and blankets. Could you assist me in who I need to contact to receive some donated items? Thanks so much!


I would love to make these gowns from my daughter`s wedding dress. is there a need for them, I mean is this site current? thank you.


Yes, this is a current site and there is a need for infant demise gowns and layettes. Thank you for offering to make some from your daughter’s wedding dress ;-) You can also see more information at


Thank you for your post, Mary. Please send an email to and let us know the name of your hospital, where it is located and the name of your nursing supervisor, along with your contact information. We will be happy to assist.


Is it possible to gt the pattern for the items for the burial gown (and hat) if possible. I currently crochet afghans for healthy babies and donate to the local hospital. I was thinking about the babies that doesn’t get to come home. i would love to be able to do something like this. Thank you so much for what you do.


You are wonderful for helping with crocheted afghans, Cathy ;-) The pattern for the burial gown is here Thanks so much for your love and caring.


My daughter works in a children’s hospital and cares for the very tiny preemies. I would love to have this pattern to make and donate for those little ones who never get to go home. Thank you very much. This is such a wonderful idea.


I recently started making infant burial gowns and bonnets from my wedding dress, and knitting booties to go along. (I’m blogging my project at Your blog and website are great resources. Any suggestions as to what sizes are most needed? Thanks.


Thank you for your kind comment, you are wonderful to help others. The most needed sizes for infant demise are preemie and newborn, however, some areas of the country experience a higher percentage of infant demise at the micro-preemie. It is our suggestion to contact your nearest level 4 NICU hospital and ask them what their needs are :-) Keep up the good work.


It is marvelous that you want to help. The free pattern is here: I am so glad you feel impressed to make and donated the one last little gown needed for God’s tiniest children going home to him. Bless you.


I really want to donate my wedding dress for this kind of charity in or around spokane wa does any one know how I could do this?


What a wonderful thing to do, Jessica! We are not aware of a charity in the area of Spokane who uses wedding dresses for infant demise, however chapters do. You can contact Newborns in Need directly via email off the website or look on the list of chapters and contact one nearest you. Here is a link to the list of NIN chapters. The founders of Relief Share are also the founders of Newborns in Need (NIN). NIN is run by National President Connie Edwards and will be happy to help you find a chapter who could use your beautiful dress to bless the lives of tiny babies who only need one last gown to be snuggled in. If you don’t find somewhere local, Relief Share would be happy to accept your gown to be made into infant bereavement gowns at Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd., Houston, MO 65483-2225. God bless you for wanting to help.


January 2017. Is this still an active site? I’m in need of a pattern


Hi Kim, What pattern do you need? You can also email us directly at or visit us on

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